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Season 9

14 Oct. 1984
Romancing Mr. Stone
The girls place a personal ad to get Alice a date.
28 Oct. 1984
Space Sharples
Mel stops a bank robbery dressed as a superhero for Halloween.
4 Nov. 1984
Big Bad Mel
Mel wants to tear down a day school to build a parking lot.
18 Nov. 1984
Houseful of Hunnicutts
Jolene has family overload when seven of them take up residence in her one bedroom apartment.
25 Nov. 1984
Tommy's Lost Weekend
Alice suspects that Tommy is developing a drinking problem.
16 Dec. 1984
Undercover Mel
Mel has gone undercover to stop some beef rustlers and collect the reward.
23 Dec. 1984
Footloose Mel
Mel throws out a bunch of break dancers whom he thinks are nothing but a gang of hoodlums.
8 Jan. 1985
Vera's Anniversary Blues
Vera and Elliot's romantic first anniversary celebration is a bust.
15 Jan. 1985
Kiss the Grill Goodbye
A television appearance by Jolene doesn't help business at Mel's Diner.
22 Jan. 1985
Vera, the Nightbird
In her second job as a night DJ, Vera is taking Phoenix by storm.
29 Jan. 1985
Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore: Part 1
Alice gets an offer to sing with a country music group.
5 Feb. 1985
Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore: Part 2
Alice gets an offer to sing with a country music group.
6 Feb. 1985
The Night They Raided Debbie's
Vera's landlady tries to horn in on her and Elliot's lives.
5 Mar. 1985
One on One
Jolene has Mel as a trainer to get on a professional basketball team.
12 Mar. 1985
Vera's Grounded Gumshoe
A shooting accident has Vera's husband looking for another profession.
19 Mar. 1985
Th-th-th-that's All Folks
On the last show the gang reminisces before closing up Mel's Diner.

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