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Chris Gilmore: Nadine



  • Nadine : [She walks into the garden, carrying a toolbox]  Is this Mr. Grimm's house?

    Jolly Grimm : That's right.

    Nadine : Well, do you know where I can find Mr. Grimm?

    Jolly Grimm : You're looking at him.

    Nadine : Oh! I'm sorry... wow, you look thinner. Oh, well I didn't mean... it's just on the screen you look gigantic!

    Jolly Grimm : Who are you?

    Nadine : Oh gosh, I'm sorry. My sister said I should come. You know, Grace. Grace Jones. She came with Eddie Mangione.

    Jolly Grimm : What's your name?

    Nadine : Nadine. Nadine Jones.

    [she smiles] 

    Jolly Grimm : [He takes her hand]  Welcome Nadine. How did you get here?

    Nadine : I hitchhiked. Thumbed all the way from Burbank. See, I'm a dancer. Acrobatics, ballet... like that. And I'm good too, Mr. Grimm. I thought maybe you like to let me entertain all these movie people and...

    Jolly Grimm : Not tonight. It's not a good time.

    Nadine : Oh no... really?

    Jolly Grimm : You must be starved. Why don't you go to the kitchen and get some chow. I think there's some sasparilla in the icebox. Ask for Wilma. Go on now, it's right through there.

    Nadine : Thanks, Mr. Grimm... but maybe later?

    Jolly Grimm : We'll see.

  • Nadine : [referring to Queenie]  Did you put her in your pictures, Mr. Grimm?

    Jolly Grimm : Nah. But I took care of her, Nadine. Real good care.

    [He reaches out and touches Nadine's hair] 

    Nadine : Grace says I should be nice to you. Says maybe you'll put me in your pictures.

    Jolly Grimm : You sure do... remind me of Queenie...

    Nadine : Listen... Grace says if you want... you can kiss me and stuff like that.

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