The Wild Party (1975) Poster

Tiffany Bolling: Kate



  • Kate : You gotta be philosophical about these things. I understand why my best friend would run off with Dale. I mean, everyone knows what kind of life she has with Jolly. It's no secret.

    James Morrison : We've got to find them, Katie.

    Kate : Aww, Jiminy...

    [Kate crosses to the bed and puts her arms around Jim] 

    Kate : I understand. You've been stuck on her for years, plain as day. But hey, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. Like tonight. Okay, we both lost. But that doesn't mean a souple of losers aren't entitled to a little fun, right?

    [She kisses Jim, he doesn't respond] 

    Kate : Okay loser. You win.

  • Kate : Well, happy Sunday morning to you.

    Jolly Grimm : [referring to Queenie]  Why is she doing this to me? I don't understand.

    Kate : Had to happen. She's young. You ain't. That's just how it goes.

    Jolly Grimm : I don't understand.

    Kate : There were lots of guys before you. There'll be lots of guys after you. Come on. Dale probably ain't the first.

    Jolly Grimm : Don't say that. I don't want- I don't want you to say that!

    Kate : Come on, be a realist! You guys think you got some kind of patent on foolin' around? A woman's got needs too, you know.

    Jolly Grimm : Shut up!

  • Kate : [singing]  It's funny, it's really funny / How in the moonlight every dream seems real / But when it's sunny, I'll tell ya honey / You wake from the dream, and being the nightmare!

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