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Raquel Welch: Queenie



  • Queenie : He was the first guy who was interested in what I thought. Which is more than you are, Mr. Morrison.

  • Queenie : I remember this one photo I took, in a dress with clusters of lemons on the skirt and this great big feather hat. I must have sent that photo to every director and producer in this town. I waited by the phone for days. Nothing ever happened.

  • Queenie : [singing]  Singapore Sally lived in an alley / Down by Maleno Bay/ The story of her life, her trouble and her strife / She happened to tell me one day... / Sing... sing... Singapore Sally, life gave her quite a shove. / Sing... sing... Singapore Sally, she was waiting for her long lost love!

  • [Dale is leading Queenie out to the garden to dance, James catches Queenie and pulls her aside] 

    Dale Sword : For God's sakes, Queenie, you're asking for trouble, don't you know that?

    Queenie : [She places her finger on his mouth]  Oh hush, honey, Queenie knows what she's doing.

    Dale Sword : She's got my name in her little book for this dance, old man. You can have the next one.

    James Morrison : I just want to talk to her.

    Dale Sword : My God, look at the glint in his eye! En garde, monsieur! En garde!

  • Queenie : Now get outta here, Romeo, I gotta put on my diamonds!

  • Queenie : [Talking about her first audition in Vaudeville]  In fact, I was starving. You can't believe that, can you?

    Dale Sword : [smiling]  No, no I can't believe there wasn't always someone looking after you.

  • Jackie : [as Queenie makes a belated entrance]  Hey Queenie, I haven't seen your beautiful face all night. Where have you been hiding?

    Queenie : [shrugs] 

    Jackie : How about doing a little number for us, Queenie?

    Queenie : Nah, Jackie, I ain't danced in years. You know that!

    Phil D'Armano : Hey, Queenie, how about "Singapore Sally?" Me and Oskie know it!

    Madeline True : [as the crowd erupts into encouragement]  Jackie! Make her do it, Jackie!

    Jackie : Come on Queenie! You're beautiful, come on!

    Queenie : I'm a little rusty, but Singapore Sally it is.

    [Jackie takes her drink, two men in front of Queenie kneel down and Queenie uses them as a footstool to climb onto the piano] 

  • Queenie : [lying on the bed, raising her head and whining]  Jolly, love! Queenie is so tired! Pour out a cup of coffee for me?

    Jolly Grimm : [blearily]  Get it yourself!

    Queenie : Jol-ly! Queenie is so tired!

    Jolly Grimm : Who do you think you are? The Queen of Sheba?

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