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Sex & Nudity

  • In some old black and white stock footage we see some brief scenes of women in burlesque shows(mildly risque at best however).
  • George Burns briefly describes the physical attributes(breasts and butt) that a woman in the comedy sketch will need to have.
  • During a comedy sketch, their is a nurse that shows a lot of cleavage in a short dress. Every time she leaves the room she walks with a sexy wiggle in her rear. Walter Matthau(playing the doctor) ogles her a few times including putting his face close to her cleavage and butt and making some comical and suggestive remarks.
  • After a woman gives a man a medical injection in his buttocks(no nudity), he playfully acts as if he is going to pinch her rear end. Played for laughs.

Violence & Gore

  • Some brief mild slapstick including Walter Matthau comically threatening George Burns with a kitchen knife(not taken seriously).


  • 2 uses of s**t and 1 use of ass. Other mild salty language sprinkled throughout the film including crap, damn, hell, son of a bitch, bastard, goddamn, and some religious exclamations.
  • A small amount of very brief, mild, and subtle bathroom humor.
  • Some insults such as idiot, putz(one time written on a mirror), and lunatic.
  • Some mild racial remarks(1 use of "lousy Japs" is the worst of it).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some cigarette and cigar smoking.
  • Some booze bottles are seen in Walter Matthau's messy apartment but no alcohol is seen consumed in this film.
  • Drugs: None

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A dramatically intense scene in which a man has a heart attack.

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