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  • While watching a bullfight Simone remembers... She recalls the day when, as she was making love on the beach with her lover Georges, she was being spied on by a girl. She recollects how Georges and she made friends with Marcelle and how they found out that she was under the thumb of her demented father and her wicked uncle, how they became a ménage à trois and how tragically all that ended...

  • While at a bullfight Simona begins flashing back to a torrid sexual relationship she had with George (Maurizio Degli Esposti). Her relationship with George was one of open sexual discoveries which eventually led to revenge and murder.



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  • Early in the film, Simona is witnessing a Spanish bullfight. She recalls his erotic experiences in Belgium with George. One day the two lovers had met the Marquis de Paille Marcelle, who was living in his father's house, with his father, experienced taxidermist. Marcelle is young and beautiful, and has already had sexual experiences with his uncle.

    Simon and George are trying to free from the influence Marcelle father, also doing threesomes. But the story will end in a bloodbath. Simona will meet in the final in the scene of bullfighting with which the film began: the bull is killed and dragged out of the arena, while in the villa of the Marquis all stuffed animals come to life and escape to freedom.

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