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A Real Fish Tale, If I Ever Saw One!
ccthemovieman-126 June 2007
This is a great, right from the opening scene: a truly bizarre story. The Pink Panther is on the beach when he spots a fish. He peels off a small piece of his sandwich and throws it to the fish, who catches it. The panther does it again, and then walks away. The fish walks out of the water and follows him!

After a few steps, though, he starts gasping as he can't breathe unless he's in the water. The PP quickly grabs him and throws him back. Our hero then rides back home on his bicycle. The next you know, he sees the fish standing standing on the welcome mat at the front! Obviously, the PP has made a new (albeit, strange) friend. The panther isn't pleased and orders him to leave. The fish cries, then goes to get the morning paper. When the Panther comes out, the fish has the newspaper in his mouth and is wagging his tail! The fish thinks he's a dog. Now the Panther feels guilty and lets him inside with his blessing.

The scenes that follow are REALLY crazy, with some where I just laughed loudly and couldn't believe what I seeing. I like absurd humor and this story is about as absurd as I've ever seen in all the Pink Panther movies I've watched.
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A sweet fish tale.
OllieSuave-00710 October 2016
This is an adorable little cartoon short featuring the Pink Panther who befriended a salmon after feeding it bread crumbs. It followed the Pink Panther home and resists the panther's calls to return back into the ocean. So, the fish became the panther's new friend.

It was rather touching and sweet seeing the two do things together, from the panther taking the fish to go see Moby Dick to taking it to the aquarium. It was great to see Pink Panther exhibiting a kind personality toward the little salmon.

Not a lot of laughs in this one, but definitely a touching, sweet tale.

Grade A
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The best Pink Panther cartoon since 1971's The Pink Flea
TheLittleSongbird30 March 2014
The Pink Panther cartoons are always entertaining, most of them so far seen(now on the 1975 batch) have entertained, there are a fair number of classics or near-classics and a few missteps(though not catastrophically, the worst so far has been Pink-In and that was more pointless than disastrous). Salmon Pink is one of the classics and as the review summary says it is the best of the Pink Panther cartoons since The Pink Flea. The animation is very colourful and while it's relatively simple the cartoon doesn't make the mistake of making it too hurried or sparse. The music is similarly great, from the jazzy scoring to the timeless theme tune. The gags are indeed absurd- not in a bad way at all- but also truly hilarious with not a single bad gag, the animation helps. Not since Psychedelic Pink perhaps has there been a more unique story in any Pink Panther cartoon or a delightfully bizarre one, it also moves efficiently and is one of by far the least predictable stories of the Pink Panther cartoons. It has a lot of heart too. Pinky has great comic timing and has no difficulty being cool and likable, and he doesn't do anything that stops us from feeling that. In fact he's very sympathetic here, which is what gives Salmon Pink its heart. Pinky works brilliantly with the fish, who is possibly one of the funniest and most engaging supporting characters in any Pink Panther cartoon, certainly a personal favourite at least. Overall, a Pink Panther classic and one of my personal favourites of the series. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Cute fish tale
Atreyu_II28 March 2009
"Salmon Pink" is a sympathetic and cute tale about a salmon who becomes best friends with the Pink Panther. Cartoons from 'The Pink Panther' are (many of them) original, imaginative, creative and funny. This one has these same attributes.

I consider this one of the Pink Panther's classics. Not only is the cartoon cute, but also very amusing. There are unusual scenes, to say the least.

I love that friendly salmon, he adds a lot to this cartoon. He's not an ordinary salmon. He leaves his environment to live with Pinky. Yet, although he can take a longer time out of the water than other fishes, there are times when he gets pale due to the lack of water and feels the urge to jump into something with water or some kind of drink.

Overall, a very interesting cartoon. Like "Jerry and the Goldfish", this one is about a friendship with a fish and that makes it not only peculiar but also different and delightful.
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