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10 Christmas Horror Movies That Will Make You Scream Through the Holidays

10 Christmas Horror Movies That Will Make You Scream Through the Holidays
We wish you a scary Christmas (and a gory New Year)! Horror fans enjoy a new bevy of Halloween-themed horror movies every October. When November rolls around, many of us aren't ready for our morbid form of merriment to end; and it's this void, perhaps, that's created a market for Christmas-themed horror movies. Sure, we've been seeing them sporadically since 1974's Black Christmas, but there's definitely been a surge in recent years. Whereas there used to be a few Christmas-themed genre flicks to pick from every year, there are now dozens of options for the holiday horror-seeker.

I'm 100% certain I've seen more Christmas-themed horror movies than 99% of you reading this, so benefit from my experience and don't risk picking a holiday stinker this season. You simply can't go wrong with the 10 films I've assembled below, but be warned: Some are absolutely not for the easily offended or faint of heart.
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Slay Belles Brings Christmas Horror to Stuff Your Stocking this Week

Slay Belles is the latest Krampus film to release. From Epic Pictures Group, this horror comedy focuses on three friends, who face off with this ancient monster. Set during Christmas time, Slay Belles has just released on home entertainment platforms and will show in Santa Ana for a limited time, in theatres. The film, from director Dan Walker (Spooky Dan), stars Barry Bostwick (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Kristina Klebe, Diane Salinger, Hannah Wagner and lots of others. A trailer was released earlier this year. And, all of the release details, for Slay Belles, is hosted here. The synopsis brings Santa Claus into the picture. He is recruited to face the worst Christmas demon of all - Krampus! On Christmas Eve, these two titans will face each other, for the hearts and souls of children everywhere. Recently, actress Kristina Klebe was interviewed on the film, at Broke Horror Fan. She
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‘Slay Belles’ Review

Stars: Barry Bostwick, Kristina Klebe, Susan Slaughter, Diane Salinger, Richard Moll, Hannah Wagner | Written by Jessica Luhrssen, Dan Walker | Directed by Spooky Dan Walker

I can’t believe no-one has used this title for a horror Christmas film before! But here it is with a new Dread Central Presents… release, Slay Belles; which follows three cosplaying YoutTubers, who film themselves searching abandoned places, who decide to search ‘Santa Land’ on Christmas Eve. They soon find this is a much more real land than they were expecting.

Slay Belles does take a bit of time to get going. It doesn’t take long to explain what the three group of women are and what their characters are like but we get a lot of time spent just following them around, not doing much of interest. Thankfully once they get to Santa Land, things liven up. They are attacked by Krampus and saved by Santa Claus!
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December 2018 VOD & Digital Releases Include Halloween (2018), All The Creatures Were Stirring, Leprechaun Returns, Hell Fest, Venom

  • DailyDead
Happy almost December, everyone! Now that the final month of 2018 is nearly upon us, we have one last batch of Digital and VOD releases for the year to look forward to, and there are a ton of great titles coming in the next few weeks that should keep horror fans more than entertained as the days continue to get shorter and the temperatures keep dipping lower and lower.

December’s digital releases kick off in a big way on December 4th, with eight different titles arriving on various platforms. A trio of holiday horrors debut that day—All the Creatures Were Stirring, Slay Belles, and Elves—as well as a pair of indie films from Artsploitation Films (Luciferina and Snowflake) and the sequel The House That Never Dies: Reawakening. December 7th is another busy day, as we have four more movies making their digital debuts, including Clara’s Ghost, Back Roads,
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Over At The Frankenstein Place: Cinema Retro Attends The Oakley Court Memorabilia Event

  • CinemaRetro
(The impressive and Gothic Oakley Court, star of many horror pics.)

By Mark Mawston

Cinema Retro’s Mark Mawston was invited to cover a rather special event being held at the wonderful Oakley Court near Windsor, just across the river and virtually facing Hammers old studios at Bray. Oakley, the setting for many a Hammer and Amicus film, was utilized for its Gothic look and proximity from Bray, starting way back in 1949 when Hammer were still under their Exclusive Films moniker. Film fans will immediately recognize Oakley as the home of Tim Curry’s Dr. Frankenfurter in the 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, so a more apt location for a memorabilia fair would be hard to find. The timing was also perfect as it was held just before Halloween. Collectors and dealers from all over the country (and further afield) met to exchange stories as well as merchandise
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Trailer & Poster for seasonal shocker ‘Slay Belles’

Epic Pictures and Dread Central Presents have released the official poster and trailer for their newest holiday horror, Slay Belles!

It’s Christmas Eve, and three cos-playing women are breaking into Santa Land for some partying and fun! What they didn’t expect was to come across the malevolent Christmas demon Krampus! The girls must team up with Santa Claus himself (played by The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Barry Bostwick) to battle the creature and save the world!

Slay Belles is directed and co-written by Spooky Dan Walker, co-written by Jessica Luhrssen and starring Barry Bostwick, Kristina Klebe Susan Slaughter, Diane Salinger, Richard Moll, and Hannah Wagner (aka YouTuber Miss Hannah Minx).

Slay Belles comes to VOD and Blu-ray in the Us on December 4th.
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‘Suspiria’ Posts Highest Screen Average of 2018 in Gory Indie Box Office Launch

  • The Wrap
‘Suspiria’ Posts Highest Screen Average of 2018 in Gory Indie Box Office Launch
Luca Guadagnino’s gory, polarizing remake of Dario Argento’s “Suspiria” arrived in limited release this weekend, and it has set a new annual mark for per screen averages in 2018.

Released at the Arclight Hollywood and the Regal Union Square in New York, the film made $179,806, for a per screen average of $89,903, passing the previous 2018 record held by National Geographic’s “Free Solo” with $73,572.

“This weekend’s opening was truly exciting, the film played to both horror/genre audiences and arthouse/specialty crowd,” said Amazon Studios’ distribution head Bob Berney. “The film received a thunderous ovation at the ArcLight Hollywood Dome screen on Saturday where Luca Guadagnino and the cast appeared for a Q&A. Since previewing a shocking clip at CinemaCon, our online presence and social media engagement has been very robust and the anticipation really paid off this weekend.”

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Halloween horrors by Jennie Kermode


There's a lot going on at the movies this Halloween and as usual were bringing you listings from around the UK so you know where to go to get a good scare.

Aberdeen 31 Oct – The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Aberdeen Arts Centre.

Belfast 31 Oct – The Devil’s Doorway at the Queen’s Film Theatre.

Birmingham 26 Oct – The Thing at the Custard Factory. 26 Oct – Halloween and Evil Dead 2 at the Electric. 27 Oct – Pumpkins, Dog Soldiers and Hellraiser at the Custard Factory. 28 Oct – Alien, Aliens and Alien 3, with some cast members, at the Custard Factory. 29 Oct – The Fly and Videodrome at the Custard Factory. 31 Oct – Scream, Halloween and a Dracula-themed wine tasting at the Electric. 31 Oct – The Exorcist, The Shape Lives and Halloween at the Custard Factory. 1 Nov – The Snarling at the...
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Here Are 12 of TV’s Best Halloween-Themed Episodes (Photos)

  • The Wrap
Here Are 12 of TV’s Best Halloween-Themed Episodes (Photos)
It’s the spookiest time of year, so we rounded up some of the best Halloween-themed episodes of TV (in no particular order) for your post-trick-or-treating binges.

How I Met Your Mother”: “The Slutty Pumpkin”

The slutty pumpkin is a stand-out episode of Halloween-themed television not only because of its adherence to the holiday, but because it became a piece of “Himym” lore, referenced throughout the sitcom’s nine seasons and even inspiring a later Halloween episode titled “The Slutty Pumpkin Returns.”

Friends”: “The One with the Halloween Party”

Who could forget Chandler’s pink bunny costume a la “A Christmas Story”? or Ross’s potato — sorry, spud-nik — outfit? Oh yeah — Sean Penn was in this episode, too! All these things plus Rachel freaking out about her maternal instincts puts this episode in the Halloween history books.

The Office”: “Halloween”

Though “The Office” has several Halloween-themed episodes throughout its nine seasons,
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20 Crazy Details Behind The Making Of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Roger Ebert once wrote that The Rocky Horror Picture Show was less a movie and more of a "social phenomenon." This is probably the most accurate way to describe the 1975 rock musical, as it just isn't an ordinary film. First released to a less-than-stellar reception, Rocky Horror eventually found long-lasting fame from an unlikely source: audience participation. Its original theatrical run didn't garner much praise, but the film came into its own when theaters began showing it at midnight screenings, now infamous for the almost ritualistic ways the audience dresses, shouts, and flings objects at the screen.

Rocky Horror is a legend of cult cinema-- one of the few movies that has earned that title again and again. The film follows what appears to be a whole married couple, Brad and Janet (Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon), as they stay the night at a spooky old mansion owned by Dr.
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Stan Against Evil Season 3: Creator Talks Halloween and Horror Homages

Daniel Kurland Oct 6, 2018

The folks behind Stan Against Evil clear some time on their busy demon-killing schedules to tease what horror influences are on the way.

IFC’s Stan Against Evil may routinely make it a habit to eliminate monsters and demons in the most gruesome means imaginable, but it’s clear that Dana Gould and the creative team behind the series have a deep love and respect for supernatural creatures that go bump in the night.

Over the course of Stan Against Evil’s first two seasons there have been many odes to classic movie monsters and horror cinema. Werewolves, Satanic children, witches, and even Ouija boards have all been fair game, with the series always finding demented ways to reinvent these beloved tropes.

“It’s a beautiful vehicle to do different genres and explore different things,” explains series creator, Dana Gould. This compulsion appears to be especially rampant
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Netflix Hires Sarah Geismer As Drama Series Executive

  • Deadline
Sarah Geismer has joined Netflix’s Original Series team where she will work on drama series, reporting to Jinny Howe.

Geismer comes to Netflix from 20th Century Fox TV where she served as VP of comedy development for the past two years and worked on such projects as the upcoming comedy series Single Parents on ABC and Cool Kids on Fox.

Geismer segued to 20th TV after a seven-year stint at Fox’s cable production divisions. She began as an assistant and was promoted to the executive ranks at Fox TV Studios. Geismer then continued at Fox 21 Television Studios following the merger of FtvS and Fox 21. She has overseen a mix of comedy and drama projects including Maron, Sirens, The Comedians, Complications, Burn Notice, Graceland, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, Showtime’s The Chi and Fox’s take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Geismer began her career as an
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Yara Shahidi and Ellen Pompeo To Be Honored at 2018 Glsen Respect Awards in Los Angeles

Glsen, the leading education organization working to create safe and inclusive K-12 schools for Lgbtq youth, is pleased to announce the lineup of honorees for the 2018 Glsen Respect Awards – Los Angeles.

Actress and activist Yara Shahidi; Will & Grace creators Max Mutchnick & David Kohan; actress, producer, and activist Ellen Pompeo; and Elizabeth Gabler, President, Fox 2000 Pictures, accepting on behalf of Twentieth Century Fox Film, will be honored on Friday, October 19th at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

“We are thrilled to announce these incredible honorees at this important moment in Glsen’s history,” said Eliza Byard, Glsen Executive Director. “They represent a diverse group of change makers supporting Glsen’s mission to create safe and inclusive schools for all, and they are shaping the conversation on Lgbtq equality, gender issues, and a host of social movements. We look forward to celebrating their work and that of students and educators from across the country.
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Fantasia Film Review: ‘Chained for Life’

  • Variety
Fantasia Film Review: ‘Chained for Life’
What if the “freaks” had made Tod Browning’s “Freaks”? That seems to be the guiding impulse behind Aaron Schimberg’s second feature “Chained for Life” as he follows his intriguing 2013 black-and-white dreamscape “Go Down Death” with an even more challenging mix of outre form and content. Easier to admire than to love, this fascinating meta-narrative involving a film crew making a quasi-horror movie about physical disabilities keeps viewers at a deliberate distance — the better to make us question the nature of what we’re seeing (and thinking).

In another era, “Chained for Life” might have found a place on the midnight movie circuit — albeit a temporary one, as the film (presumably named after the cheesy 1952 exploitation vehicle for Siamese twins Violet and Daisy Hilton) is a mite too intellectual in appeal to have rivaled the likes of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” or “Eraserhead” (a film to which “Chained
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‘Hamilton’ Filmed Performance With Lin-Manuel Miranda Could Hit Big Screen: Report

A week after Netflix announced it will film Bruce Springsteen’s hotter-than-hot one-man Broadway show for streaming in December, a similar – but big-screen – plan reportedly is in the works for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that unnamed Hollywood studios are bidding for the rights to a filmed performance of Hamilton from 2016 – when Miranda still headed the cast in the title role. The worldwide theatrical rights, WSJ reports, could sell for more than $50 million.

The WSJ cites two unnamed people with knowledge of the deal. According to the article, representatives for the production recently screened the recording for interested buyers.

Among the interested studios, according to the WSJ, are Warner Bros and Twentieth Century Fox. The potential buyers are being asked not to play or stream Hamilton until 2020 or 2021.

A spokesperson for Hamilton told Deadline that neither the production nor Miranda would have “any comment on this at this time.
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Alien Predators (1985)

Like most folk, I’m a sucker for alien invasion films; I’m also down with conspiracy flicks, and I love seeing beautiful photography in foreign lands. If only there was a horror film that combines these somewhat disparate elements into a cohesive, satisfying whole. I honestly can’t think of one; but there is Alien Predators (1985), a pretty damn fun and nonsensical trip through Spain.

Filmed in ’84 and released on video in the U.K. in August of ’85, Alien Predators saw a very brief theatrical U.S. run in February of ’87 before being dumped onto video shelves for curious horror fans…like myself; as that’s when I first saw it, and I remember digging its pleasant nature and sparse but effective effects. A recent revisit however disclosed its greatest asset: a make-it-up-as-we-go willingness on the part of writer/director Deran Sarafian (Terminal Velocity) that results in a freewheeling travelogue with Nasa espionage,
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Fearsome Facts: The Rocky Horror Picture Show [Participation Guide, Part I]

Let’s do the Time Warp again! So many film fanatics relish The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) every year, particularly at Halloween, and there is nothing like seeing this iconic, cult classic with a theater full of people. Participation is the name of the game and it is an exhilarating experience whether you’ve seen Rocky […]

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Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again movie review – 90 minutes ’til Meryl

Musical sequels are so rare that the most successful ones are currently High School Musical 2 and 3! Grease 2 is great but it took people decades to realize, and Shock Treatment has great music but few people know there even was a sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again will probably fare better than the Grease and Rocky sequels, but it doesn’t really forward the story of Mamma Mia, and there isn’t even new music, only Abba songs they didn’t get to the first time. Normally, the hardest part of a musical sequel […]

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Review: "Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes" 25Th Anniversary Edition From Mvd

  • CinemaRetro
By Todd Garbarini

Movie-going audience members under the age of forty will not recall motion picture theatrical exhibition in the 1970s. It was a most interesting time when drive-ins and even first-run movie theaters would pair up an older feature film, generally one that was one to two years-old, with the main feature on a double-bill. A handful of theaters in my area used to engage in midnight showings of older films, too. One theater exclusively ran The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) for years while another alternated between Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards (1971), Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same (1976), David Lynch's art-house favorite Eraserhead (1977) and Alan Parker's Pink Floyd The Wall (1982). Other showcases included uncensored bloopers featuring Carol Burnett, the Three Stooges, and Abbott and Costello.

In October 1978, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was unleashed upon the moviegoing public (filming
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One Epic Supercut Edits Together Nearly 300 Movie Dancing Scenes; How Many Can You Identify? — Watch

One Epic Supercut Edits Together Nearly 300 Movie Dancing Scenes; How Many Can You Identify? — Watch
Ewen McGregor and Nicole Kidman in “Moulin Rouge!” Jennifer Beals in “Flashdance.” Belle and the Beast in “Beauty and the Beast.” There’s nothing like an epic movie dance scene to knock you off your feet, and a new supercut from Cls Videos is here to make you swoon nearly 300 times. Running seven minutes, “Dancing in Movies” edits together almost 300 movie dance scenes into one thrilling compilation.

The supercut is set to “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham! and songs by Tongues and Nena. Films included in the video include everything from “Eyes Wide Shut” and “The Big Lebowski” to “Step Up,” “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and “Edward Scissorhands.” Recent titles like “The Lobster” (there’s nothing like Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz awkwardly dancing in the woods) and “Brooklyn” also make an appearance.

Test your knowledge by watching the supercut below and seeing how many films
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