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Alternate Versions

Original Italian version is 120 minutes long. Most US versions remove 22 minutes worth of footage, including most graphic violence, all humorous scenes, almost all of the romantic scenes between David Hemmings and Daria Nicolodi and part of the subplot regarding the house of the screaming child.
A full screen Italian language version with American Subtitles contains the credits scene with David Hemmings reacting to the death of the killer in a pool of blood. The last few frames pause the image finally.
The original UK Redemption video release was cut by 11 seconds to remove scenes of 2 dogs fighting and a live lizard impaled with a pin. The 2005 Platinum DVD issue is slightly re-framed (to exclude the lizard scene) and restores the dog sequence, as it seems likely that they are playing rather than fighting. After receiving information from the production company that the lizard scene was faked (the pin was described as an 'effects shot') the BBFC waived the cut for the 2010 Arrow DVD.
The Brazilian version omits an entire sequence of a tracking shot along the killer's table, with the drawings and the dolls, cutting directly from Helga in the theater to Helga on the phone. Also, the dialogue between Mark and Carlo in the piazza has a few lines cut out.
There is a new 4K digital release of the film restored from the original camera negative and other high-quality film elements, which was used for Arrow Video's Blu-Ray release. It is in Italian with English subtitles and is Dario Argento's complete director's cut, including the final shot of David Hemmings looking into the pool of blood being played in motion, rather than as a still.
The full-length Italian version (with English subtitles and one small cut by UK censors) is available on video in the UK in pan & scan format from Redemption Films. The only known widescreen print of this version can be found in Australia completely uncut on both SBS-TV and its pay-TV channel World Movies. Note that the widescreen laserdisc release is in English language and was cut by director Argento himself by about 12 minutes.
In the original theatrical version, the end credits are displayed over a shot of David Hemming's reflection in a pool of blood. The image is moving (blood drips into the pool, Hemming's face changes expression etc.) while the credits are displayed. The Anchor Bay R1 DVD version features the credits over a freeze-frame of the original scene. Other than this change, the Anchor Bay DVD is the full uncut version of the film
The English language "restored version" runs 126 minutes. The footage which wasn't in the original English language release is presented in Italian with English subtitles.

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