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  • This erotic vampire film features a young man on a strange quest after recognizing a castle on a poster. He seems to remember the castle from his childhood and eventually finds it with the aid of a strange woman dressed in white. It turns out that his family has been keeping the secret of vampirism from him.

  • Frederick sees a photograph of a ruined seaside castle, which triggers a strange childhood memory. He then goes on a strange quest, aided by four female vampires, to find the castle and the beautiful woman who lives there.


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  • Ever since his father died, Frederic [Jean-Loup Philippe] has been unable to remember anything about his childhood, even though his mother has told him all about it. One night, while at a party, Frederic notices a photograph of some castle ruins near a beach. They look familiar to him, and he recalls an incident that happened 20 years ago, when he was 12. He was lost. It was getting dark, and he went to the castle where he was invited in by a young girl [Annie Briand] dressed all in white. He spent the night there and became infatuated with her. To thank her for her kindness, Frederic placed a toy on her steps before he left to go home.

    When Frederic tells his mother [Natalie Perrey] about the memory, she denies that it ever happened, so Frederic pays a visit to the photographer to find out where the photo was taken. The photographer tells him that she's been paid not to reveal the location but later relents and tells him to meet her at midnight at the aquarium and she will tell him then. To kill time, Frederic goes to the cinema. As he watches the movie, he notices the girl in white standing in the doorway. He follows her outside. She leads him into a cemetery and down into a crypt where he finds four coffins. He opens one of the coffins to find several bats inside.

    Unknowingly, Frederic has released four vampiresses. Frederic runs outside where he meets a woman who claims to be the girl he met 20 years ago in the ruins, even though she looks nothing like her. She leads him to a room in an old abandoned building. When he asks her to identify the toy that he left with her 20 years ago, she cannot, confirming Frederic's suspicion that she is working for the same people that paid the photographer to keep quiet. For some reason, they do not want him to find the girl. Suddenly, the woman bolts from the room, locking the door behind her. While the girl in white watches, two of the vampiresses unlock the door and release Frederic.

    It is now midnight, and Frederic goes to the aquarium where he finds that the photographer has been murdered. A man with a briefcase walks past, and Frederic follows him into the Metro. When the man pulls a gun on him, Frederic kicks the gun from his hand, pulls the cord to stop the train, and runs away. The man follows, cornering Frederic on a balcony. Meanwhile, the two vampires throw a switch that turns on myriad fountains, which afford Frederic with cover, and he is able to escape.

    Frederic tells his mother about seeing the girl in white. She tries to convince him that he is mad and, while Frederic is changing clothes, she calls the hospital. When Frederic leaves the house, he is immediately captured by two ambulance drivers and taken to the hospital where he is placed in a straitjacket and told that he is going to receive electroshock therapy. While pacing in his room, Frederic sees the girl in white. He begs her to speak to him if she truly exists, and she mouths the words "Je t'aime". Then she disappears. Two nurses come to take Frederic to the psychiatrist, but they turn out to be the two vampires. Instead, they attack the psychiatrist, untie the straitjacket, and allow Frederick to escape.

    While running down the street, Frederic sees a blind man selling postcards of the ruins, so he buys one and learns that it is called Sauveterre Castle. Certain that the girl in white is calling for his help, Frederic catches the train to Sauveterre. It is just as he remembers it. He even finds the toy that he left lying on the castle steps. He walks through the castle looking for the girl. Eventually, he comes upon a room where he finds books, dolls, toys, candles, a coffin, and a picture album with his picture in it. Just as Frederic attempts to open the coffin, his mother appears.

    She tells him the story of the girl in white. Her name is Jennifer, and she's a vampire. Jennifer was imprisoned in Sauveterre Castle when she was 16 in order to prevent the vampire curse from spreading. It was Jennifer who killed Frederic's father. The corpses of the four vampires freed by Frederic were moved to the abandoned vault in Paris. While three men track down and stake the four vampires and build a bonfire to burn their bodies, Frederic's mother sends him back into the castle with orders to kill Jennifer and bring her head. But Frederic cannot do it and, instead, brings the head of a statue which he tosses into the bonfire.

    After everyone leaves, Frederic returns to the castle and awakens Jennifer. She tells him how she learned to project her sight and then her spirit while she lay in her coffin waiting for Frederic to come. He allows her to turn him into a vampire, and they both get into her coffin and let the tide carry them out to sea. [Original Synopsis by bj_kuehl.]

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