"Columbo" An Exercise in Fatality (TV Episode 1974) Poster

(TV Series)


Peter Falk: Columbo


  • Columbo : I'll tell you how you did it if you're interested.

  • Columbo : [rummaging through his bag for evidence]  Just, uh, bear with me, sir.

    [he pulls out a saran-wrapped lump of something] 

    Columbo : Uh, that's my lunch. That doesn't mean nothing.

  • Columbo : [on the phone]  Hello? What're you doing up? You know what time it is? It's... um...

    Columbo : [calls out]  DOES ANYBODY HAVE THE TIME?

    Voice from other room : It's 6:30

    Columbo : [into the phone]  It's 6:30. I'm not yelling.

  • Milo : What the hell gives you the right, Columbo?

    Columbo : This, sir. This is a warrant. This gives me the right.

  • Columbo : [on the phone with his wife]  I'm gonna hang up. You can keep talkin' but I'm gonna hang up.

  • Columbo : I stopped by your place. Your housekeeper told me you were down here swimming.

    Milo : Twenty minutes a day. You ought to try it, Columbo.

    Columbo : No, I'm afraid not, sir. I can't swim. I don't even like a deep tub.

  • Milo : You know something, Columbo? You're a devious man.

    Columbo : That's what they tell me.

  • Columbo : Oh, Mr. Janus, just one more thing, please.

  • [last lines] 

    Columbo : It could only be you. By your own admission, it had to be you. Mr. Stafford was last seen around 7:30, wearing his business clothes. Now, he's alone in the building, the building is locked, and the next morning, he's found dead in his gym clothes and at 9:00 the previous evening, nine hours before the body was found, you, and you alone, knew that he was in his gym clothes. You said so. You swore to it in front of five witnesses. How did you know he was in his gym clothes, if you didn't change the clothes? You try to contrive a perfect alibi, sir, and it's your perfect alibi that's gonna hang you.

  • Columbo : [early in the morning after arriving at the crime scene with a thermos full of coffee]  You know, before coffee, I'm up, I'm walking around, but I'm not awake.


  • Columbo : Can I ask you a personal question? You don't have to answer.

  • Columbo : Anybody here have brown soles or brown heels?

  • Columbo : Thank you very much, ma'am. You've been very helpful.

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