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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman masturbates with a rose, displaying full frontal nudity and close-ups of her external genitalia while she is stimulating herself with the flower. It is implied that she has inserted the flower in her vagina, although that is not seen explicitly.
  • The begining of the movie includes two horses having sex,the scene is quite explicit
  • A woman dreams about another woman being chased by a giant beast and pleasures herself most of the dreaming time
  • A woman has sex with a man,then he walks up and go and the woman rubs her genital to her bedstead and ejaculates,contains frontal male and female nudity
  • A beast chases a woman in the woods and we see it's genital most of the time
  • At one point,woman climbs a tree so the beast won't be able to catch her, then the beast pulls off her skirt and underwear, contains rear nudity, then it pulls out her wig and rub it in it's genitals and ejaculates
  • A woman has sex with a beast from the back and the beast ejaculates on her hip, although most of the time we see the woman's face (smiling in pleasure and biting her lips),this scene is highly explicit
  • A woman pleasures herself during a dream, genitalia is visible
  • A woman rubs her chest in a beasts genitals and the beast ejaculates a lot, pretty explicit
  • A woman gives a beast footjob, the scene is short but explicit
  • A woman bites and licks the beasts genital and the beast ejaculates, quite explicit and probably the most disturbing scene in the entire movie despite the fact that the scene is very short (6 or 7 seconds)
  • A woman runs around naked in a mansion, contains frontal female nudity
  • During the end of the movie a woman runs around naked through the woods and walks naked on a road, both frontal and rear female nudity

Violence & Gore

  • A lamb has shred to pieces by a giant beast, shredding has not shown but the ruins of the lamb has shown, quite bloody
  • The beast dies of exhaustion after the sex, little amount of blood is visible on its mouth


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The entire sex scene is quite explicit and disturbing. The movie is not afraid to show any of the sexual parts or sex types (oral sex, penetration, footjob)
  • The beast is quite scary, although we don't get to see it's face that much, it will easily scare people when it's face is shown
  • Ending of the movie is quite disturbing and shocking when the people in the mansion discover the terrifying truth
  • The whole movie has a dark and creepy tone.
  • Even if it is considered as a Beauty and the Beast parody (or an absurd adaptation of the tale) and the whole idea of the movie sounds somewhat funny, the movie is not somewhere close to a comedy. It is rather scary, disturbing and very dark.

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