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Season 1

10 Sep. 1975
The Capture of Robin Hood
Rumbling continue to grow among the peasantry as tax collections increase. The Royal tax collector is waylaid and robbed by Robin and his band of men. News of the incident flows through the Sheriff of Nottingham and King John. Marion warns Robin an archery contest is indeed a trap. Robin wins the tournament and is immediately arrested. Robin's merry men launch a rescue which culminates in a sword fight with the sheriff. Robin defeats the Sherriff escapes back to Sherwood and other adventures
17 Sep. 1975
The French Dis-connection
The French Ambassador visits England to forge an alliance that will make Prince John so powerful that King Richard will never be able to reclaim his throne. Robin and his men infiltrate the palace to prevent this.
24 Sep. 1975
The House Band
The Sheriff recruits a band of evil look-a-likes to impersonate Robin Hood and his band in order to discredit them with the peasants while the real Robin and his men are on vacation.
1 Oct. 1975
Those Wedding Bell Blues
Sheik Achmed comes from Arabia to sign an olive oil treaty with Prince John, but demands the hand of Maid Marian in marriage as part of the deal.
8 Oct. 1975
A Ransom for Richard
The peasants' faith in Robin Hood is shaken after he is chosen to guard King Richard's ransom from Prince John and the Sheriff and the treasure comes up missing.
15 Oct. 1975
The Ultimate Weapon
Robin and his men must stop mad inventor Otto Bahn from building the ultimate weapon for Prince John and the Sheriff that would destroy Sherwood Forest.
22 Oct. 1975
Ding Dong, the Bell Is Dead
Robin and crew have to stop the Sheriff and Prince John from selling to an Ethiopian prince the beloved bell they have stolen from Nottingham Abbey.
29 Oct. 1975
There Goes the Neighborhood
The Four Guys from Gloucester, master woodsmen, have been hired by the Sheriff to chop down Sherwood Forest, so it can be replaced by a new housing development, Sherwood Meadows. Robin and his men have to convince the Guys to quit the job.
12 Nov. 1975
The plague has come to Nottingham and both Robin's and the Sheriff of Nottingham's men are stuck together in quarantine in the throne room of the palace until the disease runs its course. What will kill them first-the plague or each other?
19 Nov. 1975
Birthday Blues
It's a happy birthday for both Renaldo and Bertram, in Sherwood Forest and Nottingham castle. When Renaldo goes to the castle to see Bertram, he is captured and sentenced to death. Will Bertram forget old scores and save his brother's life?
26 Nov. 1975
The Spy: Part 1
King Richard must return home to England soon or lose the throne to Prince John. Meanwhile, Robin Hood's men suspect there is a double agent in their ranks. But which side is he really working for?
26 Nov. 1975
The Spy: Part 2
The Merry Men put on trial the one they think is the traitor in their ranks. Robin Hood meanwhile has to stop the Sheriff from killing King Richard when he returns to England as the law requires or lose his throne.
3 Dec. 1975
This Lance for Hire
The Sheriff hires the famous mercenary, the Black Knight, to challenge Robin Hood to a fight to the death. Robin accepts, despite being crippled by a recent wound. But the Sheriff has his own plans for the fight, no matter who wins.

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