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Season 2

31 Mar. 1976
Birth of a Hope
It is deep midwinter, and Abby has gone to reunite with her son. The manor burns down, and several of the group are killed. The survivors move on to a new settlement led by Charles Vaughan. Jenny is about to have Greg's baby, and he goes in search of Ruth to help with the delivery. Meanwhile, Charles and Greg talk about furthering their community for the future and working to become completely self-sufficient. Ruth is found as Jenny goes into labour.
7 Apr. 1976
Greater Love
Jenny has complications after the birth of her baby. Ruth believes it may require surgery, but they lack the necessary supplies. Paul volunteers to go get medicine ad surgical equipment.
14 Apr. 1976
Lights of London: Part 1
Ruth is tricked into traveling to a nearby settlement by 2 visitors who tell her Abby is sick, when she arrives she is informed she has been chosen by a hard pressed doctor to assist in running a hospital in London. When she arrives, the city is suffering from a disease called the 'London sickness' and is also plagued by aggressive rats. Ruth is taken to the hospital where she helps to nurse to victims. The doctor plans to move the population of the city to the Isle of Wight, but the site leader Emmanuel (Manny) is keeping something secret.
21 Apr. 1976
Lights of London: Part 2
Greg and Charles are rescued and taken to the community. They find Ruth, who explains that the 500 are planning to move to the Isle of Wight to set up a new life in a clean environment. They soon discover, however, that Manny has no intention of moving them and wants to stay in London as the ruler. He tells Greg and Charles to go, but Ruth must stay. Ruth decides to return to the country with Greg and Charles, and they try to make an escape with Manny in close pursuit. Manny is shot by one of his enemies and Greg, Charles and Ruth leave London.
28 Apr. 1976
Face of the Tiger
Tensions among the group are rising as the workload increases. A seemingly gentle man, Alistair, arrives and joins the group. Hubert, meanwhile, is feeling hard-done by and insists on better living accommodations until he discovers that Alistair is a convicted child killer named Andrew. The others question "Alistair," who admits his crime and says that he has been rehabilitated. Hubert, however, spreads panic among the others and Alistair volunteers to leave.
5 May 1976
The Witch
When Mina, an eccentric member of the community at Whitecross, spurns Hubert's unwelcome attentions, he begins to spread vicious rumours that she is a witch, causing the the community to doubt her.
12 May 1976
A Friend in Need
Charles and Greg hold a meeting at Whitecross with leaders of nearby settlements to try to come to some co-operative agreements. The event is interrupted by the news that the wife of one of the leaders has been shot and killed by a sniper. It is soon learned that the sniper targets young women and seems to be traveling towards Whitecross. Jenny bravely volunteers to act as bait to bring the sniper out into the open.
19 May 1976
By Bread Alone
One of the community members, Lewis, reveals himself to be a parson and he is interested in starting Sunday services. Many other community members, including Jenny, express opposition to this, with the view that religion is a waste of time now. However, despite their workload, the group gradually comes round to the idea and attends the first service.
26 May 1976
The Chosen
Charles and Pet are returning from a salt collecting expedition when they meet two other travelers, who become very ill. They take them to a nearby settlement in an old army camp. The community there is run like a police state where eugenics, euthanasia and religious fervor all hold sway. The community there are led by a charismatic leader called Max Kershaw and his female second in command Joy Dunne. Pet is fearful having seen their farming workers march back from work in the fields, that they may not be allowed leave, whilst Charles is summoned to address the ...
2 Jun. 1976
Mina meets John Millen, a man she meets on a river barge, and agrees to meet him later, to serve him lunch in exchange for Wellington boots for the community. However, when the boat returns, two other men have taken residence, and John is nowhere to be found, though one of the men is wearing John's hat. The pair are brought to Whitecross but appear hostile and suspicious. Pet recognizes one of them as a convicted criminal, and when Mina finds John's murdered corpse in the river and confronts the pair, they take the children hostage. In an attempt to reason with them, ...
9 Jun. 1976
New Arrivals
A new group who had been treated for a flu virus by Ruth are brought by her back to Whitecross. The leader is a man called Mark Carter who is an agronomist wants to challenge Charles for the leadership.
16 Jun. 1976
Over the Hills
One of the new girls, Sally, is pregnant. Charles is delighted and re-ignites his interest in more of the community having children. There is much opposition to this from the women, including Sally, who forces herself to miscarry.
23 Jun. 1976
New World
A hot air balloon flies over Whitecross, but crashes and the pilot is killed. Yet thanks to his daughter, the community learn that there are manufacturing facilities in Norway, leaving the group with decisions to make about who will go.

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