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8 Sep. 1975
Phyllis's husband Lars has died. Broke, she and her daughter Bess move to San Francisco to live with Lar's mother and the Judge. Phyliss has trouble finding a job until she accepts a job in a photographic studio with Lar's ex-girlfriend.
15 Sep. 1975
Bess, Is You a Woman Now?
Bess goes on a weekend ski trip. Phyllis calls her and a boy answers. Hysteria ensues when Phyllis assumes Bess has gone all the way.
22 Sep. 1975
Up for Grabs
Jerome, an old friend of the family, comes to San Francisco to visit the recently widowed and now eligible Phyllis.
29 Sep. 1975
Leaving Home
At home, the Judge's mother comes for a visit and Phyllis considers moving out. At work, Leo is having a photography problem.
6 Oct. 1975
The First Day
Phyllis recaps to Mary via a letter her difficulties arising from her first day working at the Photography Studio.
13 Oct. 1975
Phyllis Takes Piano Lessons
Phyllis tries to fulfill a childhood dream, but that means overcoming a dramatic childhood experience.
20 Oct. 1975
Phyllis' Garage Sale
Boxes and boxes Phyllis's stuff arrives from Minnesota. The clutter annoys the Judge.
27 Oct. 1975
The First Date
Phyllis contemplates going on her first date since becoming a widow.
3 Nov. 1975
All Together Now
Phyllis believes she and Bess are growing apart so she decides to join her daughter in her activities. But visits to a new age therapy group and a disco make Phyllis even more conscious of the generation gap.
10 Nov. 1975
Audrey Leaves Jonathan
Audrey and the Judge have marital issues. She moves out of their room and into Phyllis's room. The Judge tries to make amends.
17 Nov. 1975
Phyllis Opens Julie's Heart
Phyllis can't mind her own business when she decides her boss needs assistance with his love life. Against everyone's advice she tries to fix things which only worsens the situation.
24 Nov. 1975
So Lonely I Could Cry
Phyllis hasn't made many friends since moving to San Francisco. So she joins a singles group for lonely people and meets Shirley, who drives her nuts.
1 Dec. 1975
Phyllis and the Little People
Bess is getting serious with Warren Hollis so Phyllis thinks she needs to meet his parents. They meet at restaurant but Phyllis is unaware that they are below average height and repeatedly says the wrong thing.
8 Dec. 1975
There's No Business Like No Business
Julie's business is hanging on by a thread. Phyllis comes up with an idea to help fix things.
29 Dec. 1975
Paging Dr. Lindstrom
Phyllis meets a medium at the photography studio. A seance to try to talk to Lars is soon in the works. The Judge and his mother thinks it is a bunch of hooey.
5 Jan. 1976
The $17,623,419.53 Man
Phyllis starts dating Harry Loomis, a wealthy man. Leo puts the idea in her head that Harry is spending all this money on her to get her in bed. Instead, he asks her to be his wife.
12 Jan. 1976
Honor Thy Mother Dexter
Tired of Mother Dexter being an obstinate home-body, the Judge and Phyllis try to find her a job or a man.
19 Jan. 1976
Phyllis in Love
Phyllis is happy with Rex, the new man in her life. Trouble arises when she discovers he comes with a wife named Lana.
26 Jan. 1976
Crazy Mama
Bess keeps trying to rehearse a play with her acting partner, but things keep interrupting them. So she decides to move out on her own at age 17. Phyllis overreacts.
2 Feb. 1976
A Man, a Woman and Another Woman
Jerome returns for a visit. Phyllis is looking forward to rekindling their relationship. However, he brings his new, and very young wife with him.
9 Feb. 1976
Leo's Suicide
The Judge is getting an award. Once his party, including Phyllis, hears that Leo may attempt suicide, they all go to his houseboat to try to stop him. Are they too late?
16 Feb. 1976
Sonny Boy
The Judge's brother Julius comes for a visit. Mother Dexter is overjoyed by his visit. Julius needs money to start a new business, however, the Judge won't give him the money. Mother Dexter becomes mad.
23 Feb. 1976
Widows, Merry and Otherwise
Audrey's niece Margaret, a recent widow, comes for a visit. Phyllis tries to bond over their mutual widow-ships.
1 Mar. 1976
The Triangle
Ralph wants to go steady with Bess. Bess doesn't, and turns Ralph down on a date. So Ralph then asks Phyllis to go to the play instead. Further dates are planned. Bess gets jealous.

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