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Sex & Nudity

  • Main female character wears low-cut halter top without a bra for several scenes.
  • Man removes woman's bra and hugs her. Breasts visible. She hugs him and places her face at his crotch under his robe. He lays on her on the floor. Bare skin, but no graphic nudity
  • Man runs naked through restaurant. His butt and a very brief frontal is shown.
  • Man has his hand up a woman's skirt in public restaurant while he kisses another woman. No nudity shown.
  • Women talk about sex and getting one woman to lose her virginity.
  • One woman removes bra showing her breasts. She put on see-though top.
  • Guys talk about scoring with a virgin.
  • Man & woman kiss in bed wearing only underwear. He tries to undress her, but she stops him. Side view of her breasts visible - no nipples shown.
  • Student & teacher kiss. He places his hand up her skirt. Her bare breasts are shown.
  • Sex scene: man fondles woman's breast over her shirt. They undress with breasts, female butt, and male pubic hair visible. They kiss while naked.
  • One woman wearing a skirt removes her underwear and places man's hand under her skirt. Awkward sex scene follows - no nudity. The next morning sexual violence is implied.
  • Two men talk about a girl giving head to a bunch of guys.

Violence & Gore

  • Two men have fistfight that involves throwing bottles and furniture. One man knocked unconscious with bloody nose. The next day he has bruised face.
  • Police officer punches man in ribs while arresting him
  • Man breaks bottle over police officer's head
  • Fight scene involving several men. One man gets shot - no blood shown
  • Football player punches coach in ribs.


  • Sex talk throughout with words such as "scoring," "gangbang," and "balling."
  • Profanity: fucking, motherf... (doesn't finish), shit, ass, fags, goddamn, crap.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are some scenes with alcohol and smoking.
  • One man is forced to drink a full bottle of alcohol.
  • Man snorts cocaine.
  • Man and woman smoke a joint.
  • Police plant a joint on man before arresting him.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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