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the ultimate nonsense comedy
vladymirror27 August 2003
Well, this is unquestionably one of the funniest movies ever made. The first time a saw it I laughed to tears and this is the only time that counts. The first time you get the best experience. I really envy those who haven't seen it yet.

From the opening scene to the sudden ending this one won't let you leave the room. Especially the opening scene: "Are you trying to say that coconuts migrate" or when John Cleese trying to be Tarzan, hanging on the rope said: "Can somebody give me a push." An absolute masterpiece.

Considering the low budget that the creators of the movie had at their disposal would probably make "The Holy Grail" the best movie in this genre-silly nonsense kind of stuff. It shows the great creativity and acting capabilities of the Monty Python crew. It comes to say that a movie can be made with a little bit of money - a great movie. 10 out of 10
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They could grab it by the husk.....
Manthorpe16 February 2004
King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table set out on a quest to find the Holy told to do so by a cartoon God that lives in the clouds...

Easily the most hilarious and original comedy ever made, Monty Python and the Holy Grail claims it's undisputed throne through insanely ridiculous situations and characters that will very likely never be duplicated. Pure comedic genius that doesn't go stale with age or decades of competition having been released. Simply seeing the way comedy films are made today, this film will very likely have a long reign before anything can even hold a candle to it. An absolute belly-laugh fest that never lets up.

Only the cast of Monty Python could have pulled this film off, with each actor playing many different characters...all hilarious! The genius in the actors' lines themselves are truly to be admired. The comedic style of talking in circles is one technique that most comedies do not try to do, simply because they can't compete with the genius of this film, which uses it flawlessly. Those that do try usually fall flat on their faces. Two particularly excellent examples of this can be seen in the beginning scene, in which the characters discuss the origins of coconuts.....and the other when Lancelot breaks into the swamp castle to save the "damsel in distress." This is merely one technique that the cast has perfected to conjure up laughs consistently throughout the entire film. The only way that I can imagine that someone might not like this film is if they simply do not enjoy it's type of humor. Too bad for them.

Another hilarious technique used in the film is the use of comedy in the background. From people slamming cats against poles for no apparent reason, to people filling up baskets with mud in the fields....all very strange and hilarious at the same time. It's also simply amazing that all of the characters are played by the same group of actors, which shows the great range all of them have. Some are simply unrecognizable from one character to the other and it sometimes takes a good eye to pick them out, which makes it fun. And I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but this film takes some turns that no sane person could see coming.

Ridiculous characters in ridiculous situations equals ridiculous laughter.

The epitome of all-star comedy that will no doubt continue to stand the test of time. Kudos to Gilliam and the rest of the Python crew. If you haven't seen it yet, make it your first priority in life!
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The reason Robin Williams isn't in a nut house.
uckpshh3 October 2004
This is perhaps one of the greatest, funniest parodies in the history of film. I think the greatest definition of irony is that to be believably stupid on screen, you have to be very intelligent. This is a rare occasion where something can be so stupid that it's funny, with the addition of feeling you got your money's worth at the end. Examples of failures would be anchorman, austin powers, scary movie etc. The gore and clichés of three headed, and goofy "NI!" yelling knights are what give this movie discreet beauty.

Did I mention that the acting is also very good for a movie of this sort. All of the main characters, as they do in the series, take on numerous characters, all of whom are well established and each have their quirks about them. This was a well written, well thought out, and perfectly directed, low budget comedy. The funniest of any monty python film, and amongst the top comedies of all time. I laughed from beginning to end and bruised one of my lungs. I highly recommend this film to anyone. This is living proof that all you need is a good script and good actors.
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WHAT is the capital of Assyria? I don't know that!
MaxBorg8928 March 2006
I do know, however, that Monty Python and the Holy Grail is one of the funniest movies ever made. Let's face it, if the Python hadn't showed up in 1969, someone would have created them by now, or the world would be a much sadder place. Alongside Life of Brian, which is the sextet's masterpiece, Holy Grail is an excellent start if you want to get addicted to their surreal humor.

As suggested in the title, the film deals with the Arthurian stories, freely reinterpreted by the Python ensemble: after recruiting his knights, including Sir Lancelot (John Cleese), Sir Robin (Eric Idle), Sir Bedevere (Terry Jones) and Sir Galahad (Michael Palin), King Arthur (Graham Chapman) embarks on a mission from God (also Chapman, voice only though): to seek and find the Holy Grail. No need to say, the journey is going to be perilous, but also hilarious, our heroes doing their "best" to screw everything up.

As in Life of Brian, there are so many good bits choosing just one or two feels reductive and disrespectful, given the material. It's pure comedy gold from start to finish, a non-stop gag marathon: from the mock Scandinavian subtitles in the opening credits to the argument about swallows, from the Killer Rabbit to the Black Knight and the jaw-dropping epilogue, you will keep grinning like never before (if you're unfamiliar with these comedians, that is). Actually, after some serious thinking I can select two particular sequences as particularly memorable: the Knights who say "Ni!" and the Bridge of Death. The rest of the film is ace too, but those two scenes are the ones I can't stop thinking of fondly whenever the movie is mentioned.

Oh, and let's not forget Terry Gilliam's vital contribution: he doesn't appear that much as an actor (his Bridgekeeper is absolute genius, though), but he compensates that with the remarkable animations used to depict part of this epic adventure. Speaking of epic, this picture has one of the most brilliant tag-lines in comedy history, if not film history in general.

Oh yes, the world wouldn't be quite the same without the Monty Python. Even the most miserable person on the planet will laugh like a lunatic after viewing any of their films.

P.S. Ni!
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The King of Comedies!
lambiepie-218 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers
The first time I saw this was on CBS at 11:30 on a Friday night. I had seen a few Monty Python shows on PBS, so I knew who they were, and I was very interested in seeing this.

This film shows you just what all around comedy is all about.

It starts during the opening credits and ends in a way you don't see coming. The songs are....memorable. The drawings/animation are imaginative for its time and the Monty Python troupe was at its shining best playing a host of characters from the days of King Arthur. If you don't laugh at this today, you have no funny bone! Many other reviewers here hit this film on the nose, there isn't much more to add to how brilliant this piece of work it.

This is one of my all time favorites and is one of the top 10 films of all time.
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Monty Python at their best
mjw230522 January 2005
In the Realm of King Arthur, the Monty Python team set out on a quest to recruit the best Knights in the kingdom and find the Holy Grail.

This is Classic Python Mayhem, where we encounter Killer rabbits, Knights who go Nee! and Horny Nuns who lure the unsuspecting in with there Grail Shaped Beacon.

The Cast all give Typically Hilarious Performances, bringing another must see to the Python Loving Audience.

If You Like Monty Python, you'll love it, if you don't then stay away.

If you've never seen Monty Python before then give it a try, yes it's dated but its still great fun.


Also see, The Life Of Brian and The Meaning of Life
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Wonderful movie!
marac-128 November 2004
This is such a great film that a professor of mine actually used it in a Medieval Civilization class as extra credit. This was not because the movie was so historically accurate, but because the movie was so much funnier when we applied what we learned in her class to it! It was really hard to pick only 10 funny lines!

To anyone that watched it once and didn't quite get it or got frustrated the first time, here is a tip: Catch it on DVD with the subtitles or closed-captioning on. That way you will be sure to catch all of the French insults and the other one-liners that fly by so fast! I don't recommend doing that with kids in the room - my 7-year-old picked up a couple of words on the screen that he had missed previously...

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An example of why British humor is much smarter than ours.
wwe79613 September 2010
This is how to make a comedy. Laughs can be found throughout, and the 4th wall falls apart throughout the film without any actors chewing the scenery. The movie from the first scene, and on is great. The acting is wonderful. Everybody in the cast delivers the jokes hilariously. Also the the actors never seem to overact at all. There are a few jokes that go on for to long, but it is aware of this. If only another comedy that doesn't deserve to have its name mentioned (cough Disaster Movie cough) was self-aware that the jokes it had were to long. It really is a shame that British people can say that they have awesome comedies like this, and we have a lot of awful comedies like (sigh) Disaster Movie. This film is a work of genius.

4 stars out of 4
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The Silliest Film Ever Made...
MovieAddict201627 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
From a technical viewpoint, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" could be called a seriously flawed and impaired film. Filmed on location in the UK with a minimal budget and regular "Python" cast members, I seriously doubt that anyone working on the project at the time had believed it would spark such a cultural phenomenon. And revisiting the movie now, post its release 28 years ago, is magical.

First-time viewers may be puzzled by the film's odd opening--in fact, stories of those who thought that they had entered into the wrong screening room come in abundance. But as soon as the voice of the coarse British man is audible the viewer realizes that he or she has been duped once again by the Python Troupe.

King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table have been sent on a most glorious quest by God Himself--to seek and maintain the Holy Grail, the legendary cup that Christ drank from during The Last Supper, prior to His execution, and which later caught His blood as he was left danging upon the cross.

But the seriousness surrounding the Holy Grail is left wholly untouched by the members of Monty Python--instead, we follow King Arthur and his men as they come upon an odd assortment of characters, including The Black Knight, Dennis, The Knights Who Say "Ni!", and The Killer Rabbit, all of whom hinder the daring soldiers in their quest for the Holy Grail.

Many people will find the humor of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" ingenious, while others will find the exact same jokes and stints repetitive and ridiculous. I myself did not enjoy the film the first time I saw it as a child, but over the years I have come to appreciate its humor a bit more. I still find the jokes a bit too stretched out at times, and certain gags, though hilarious the first ten times, get a bit humorless the twentieth time around (the coconuts, for example, which are amazingly silly when first introduced, soon become tiring when they are treated as the highlight of a joke repetitively). However, often enough the jokes introduced at certain points in the films are merely played in the background further into the film--for example, the fact that the men do not ride on horses is quite a major idea the first time it is revealed, and becomes the central subject of a conversation between Arthur and the man atop the castle battlements. But later on the notion of no horses is played smaller and in the background as so we can concentrate on the current jokes at hand, as well as the missing horses as an added bonus.

There is absolutely nothing to truthfully discuss about "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," other than to say that at first it seems quite obnoxious, but it starts to grow on you. And this movie has definitely made a deep dig into our culture. In fact, on the commentary track for the newer DVD, John Cleese mentions that a pro American football player (or "footballer" as the English call them) and his buddy were thinking of a plan in the midst of a serious game. Their strategy was this on the field: Run away! Run away!

There are countless classic scenes, including the battle between The Black Knight and King Arthur ("I've had worse!"); the scene where Sir Lancelot the Brave (or Launcelot, as the script for the film names him) storms the Swamp Castle in hopes of rescuing a fair maiden and, in result, ends up destroying everything in his path (including the candle mounted along the wall leading to the spiralling staircase), saying that he gets a bit frantic and over-excited in this genre; Sir Robin and the Three-Headed Knight ("...when danger reared its ugly head he bravely turned his tail and fled..."); The Knights Who Say "Ni!" and their request for a shrubbery; the Killer Rabbit's attack on Arthur's merry men. That's just to name a few memorable scenes.

"Monty Python and the Holy Grail" may be the silliest film ever put on celluloid. It rarely makes sense, sometimes falls a bit flat, but always puts a smile on your face. And that's an achievement.
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I used to think this was the funniest movie ever made.
Infofreak25 March 2003
Being brought up on Python going to see this movie on its original release was one of the highlights of my movie going childhood. For many years I thought 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' was the funniest movie ever made. Now over twenty five years later repetition and familiarity may not have ruined the movie completely but they have spoiled my enjoyment somewhat. Even so it's still a comedy classic and I envy anyone who is watching it for the first time. Python (Cleese, Chapman, Palin, Jones, Idle and Gilliam) were on top form throughout, and apart from one or two less successful bits it's hilarious stuff, and arguably their most consistent movie. (I still think their TV work was their best, the non-linear sketch format suiting their style more than extended pieces). Python bores can quote this verbatim but don't let them put you off. This is one wacked out romp full of fun and surprises, and still has more laughs than 90% of today's so-called comedies. Highly recommended.
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Much fun inside
moviemeister123 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This has got to be one of the side-splittingly funniest films of all time.No one can deliver such cerebral humor as the pythonians,and this is truly their finest hour(OK,so its about an hour and a half).This film doesn't even wait for the show to begin to start you laughing,it goes for the throat during the opening credits(sorry I don't want to ruin it for you).It made me laugh till my tears were crying.If you are a single chap, and you want to know if a certain girl is right for you,then try this.Bring her to your home,cook her a wonderful meal,complete with a great bottle of wine,then plop her down in front of the telly and start this video(or DVD,whatever).If she is not laughing hysterically within ten minutes,then turn off the box,and break up with her immediately,as she has an impaired humor center in her brain(and will only cause you tremendous misery in the coming years).I only wish I had known of the "python Challenge" during my dating days.It would have saved me years of unremitting heartache(as well as thousands in legal fees). Please trust me on this one,it might just save your life.I give this movie an unrepentant 10,but would give it a 20+ if it were an option.
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Pure Lunacy
ccthemovieman-13 April 2006
Well, if you want original humor, meaning something different than what you normally see - this is your ticket. The above statement was true 30 years ago, and still holds. It's just silly, far-out humor.

It's not all winners, no comedy is, but there are enough of them, and enough classic bizarre scenes that it's always a hoot to re-visit this film from time to time. The only problem I have with it are the cheap shots in gives - in typical 1970s fashion - of anything Biblical. But, it's not that bad and most of the film is pretty innocent.

It's pretty much one ludicrous scene after another. I mean, where else do you see a knight fighting on after his legs are chopped off, then his arms?!! Or a killer rabbit? It was almost like watching a Marx Brothers film 40 years later with '70s irreverence.

Don't let the PG rating fool you. This would be an easy PG-13 today with all the blood, some cursing and the violence. I know some young kids, however - nice kids, too - who love this film as much as adults, so it can't be too offensive.

If I had to describe this movie in one word it would be "lunacy."
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Without a doubt, the funniest film I've ever seen.
kagrisier24 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
There's a huge difference between American humor and British humor. American humor is the fart and burp joke while British humor is the arguing over a pointless subject joke. Python is British. Therefore, there will be many people who won't "get" this film. But those who do will have the comedy experience of a lifetime.

With a plot that can be summed up in 10 words (King Arthur and his knights search for the Holy Grail), this film isn't deep or emotional. However, the dialogue is so funny and the acting so excellent that the film feels like an epic-minus a large budget. The budget is the only problem with the film, and it doesn't detract much. You might notice the crummy special effects, but there aren't many, so it doesn't matter. Other than that, the film is beautifully shot. The epic Scottish landscapes are perfect for the film. The medieval costumes and sets are also great, but it's the acting which makes this film a true classic.

All the Pythons are fantastic. Graham Chapman is hilarious as the straight-faced King Arthur, along with a few other roles. His straight man occasionally delves into the "silly", which makes for an excellent performance. John Cleese, my personal favorite of the Pythons, is funny as the French Taunter and- my favorite role in the film- the eccentric, pyromaniac, spitting Tim the Enchanter! Michael Palin has one of the funniest moments in the film while in the Castle Anthrax with about 20 young girls. Terry Jones is a riot as the timid Prince Herbert, who sounds like Michael Crawford and yearns to escape his castle with Sir Lancelot. Eric Idle is very funny as Sir Robin, the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir Lancelot, who frequently wets his pants and runs away. And Terry Gilliam, besides providing beautiful animation sequences, has a variety of funny small roles, including the "horse" Patsy.

Not a scene goes by that isn't funny. The humor is rich, including Knights who Say Ni, Killer Rabbits, politically active peasants, a knight who refuses to give up even when he's lost all his limbs, and a group of minstrels who sing of "bravely running away". The film is the funniest film I've ever seen. Shouldn't that be good enough for you?
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We are the knights who say...this film is BRILLIANT
madam_Q1 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers

God, how I love this movie. And perhaps even more so for being a fan of the time honored myths and legends this film so skillfully lampoons.

This is not so much a film as a collection of sketches - the narrative is not so tightly strung together as in the other Python classic, The Life of Brian, but how could this matter when there are so many moments of knicker-wettingly brilliant hilarity? There's the 'Invincible' Black Knight ("I'll bite your kneecaps off!")....the Castle Anthrax ("Can't I have just a little more peril?") and, my most oft quoted moment, the French who defeat Arthur and his knights, by first taunting them and then slinging farm animals over the castle walls. I post on message boards here quite often, and still tend to pull out "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!" as an insult when the going gets tough!

The Python's strength lies in the fact that they are masters of humour in all it's forms. They are equally at home with schoolboy smut as they are with high brow satire - and the result is a film which constantly throws the audience curveballs and leaves them wondering what to expect.

My favourite Python, the wonderful John Cleese, excels yet again in multiple roles as the noble Lancelot, the Black Knight and Tim the Enchanter, among others. You get the impression of barely contained rage hidden within Cleese's rangy form, and I often wonder how he would make the transition to dramatic performances. Robin Williams has made the jump, while Steve Martin has had less success - and they are two comedians who's on screen personas are considerably more "cuddly" than Cleese. The scene in which Lancelot storms the castle to rescue Prince Herbert from his impending wedding, believing that there is in fact a princess held captive, is a highlight for me. This is purely because of Cleese's rather gentlemanly reaction to news that he, in his onslaught, stabbed the bride's father in the head - "Oh dear. Is he alright?"

And then there's the Holy Hand Grenade of Saint Antioch. "And he, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it!" And the witch trial, featuring some incredibly dense peasants...."She turned me into a newt.....I got better!" Then there are the communist peasants..."I didn't know we had a king! I thought we were an autonomous collective!" And, of course, the Knights Who Say Ni.

Irreverent, childish....utterly hilarious. Complete class from start to finish.
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Inspired lunacy
marcus-walsh27 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
With close to 600 reviews on IMDb, nearly all of them wildly positive, one adds another about Month Python and the Holy Grail for much the same reason as one lights a candle in a church - to pay tribute to something or somebody that truly deserves to be remembered no matter how many others may have done it before.

Inspired lunacy from start to end, this is a one-off film unlike any other and certainly the Python team at its peak. A sure sign of its unique features is that it hasn't been copied: there is no Holy Grail #2, Holy Grail Revisited or whatever for the simple reason that even the cretin script writers of today are brainy enough to realise this level of skill is untouchable - the Holy Grail, in fact.

I first howled with laughter at this flick aged fifteen, a few years after its release, and consider myself lucky - giggly teen age is probably the best time to be initiated to Python. Tonight, watching my own son go into paroxysms over the Black Night losing all his limbs, and the gorge guardian being flung down for confusing his swallows, made me realise that the Holy Grail has become an unlikely classic. It may well be one of the 50-odd 1900s films being watched in the year 3000. The Pythons did a lot of overrated stuff, but this is sublime.
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One of the funniest ever
aggelostenshimanga4 July 2018
I remember watching this film as a kid that loved knights, and rented it because of that. But instead of a story about knights and princesses, I got one of the most amazing comedies I had ever watched. There are so many jokes from this movie that stuck with me after just one sitting, and I have watched it many times since.

The unique, absurd humor of Monty Python might not be for everyone, but it instantly became a favorite for me, and I rented many more works from them after watching the Holy Grail. An epic movie, that every person must watch once in their lives, even if it is just to figure out whether they want to delve deeper in the crazy world of Monty Python.

Also, on the DVD release extras, there was a song from the movie reenacted with LEGO figurines, and a 'documentary' for coconuts, make sure to look for those when you pick up the movie!
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Ach, it's just a wee bonnie rabbit....
Indy Canuck29 October 2002
For sheer originality on an ultra-low budget, nothing can quite match the chemistry, comedy, and utter lunacy of Monty Python, and it all seems to come together in this, their most quotable motion picture.

But enough of that silliness. This 1971 hit, which is to date the most recognisable of the Python's efforts, still holds strong. But like so many other great controversial cult things, you either get it, or you don't. And if you don't, you hate it.

I'm a very literary minded guy, with a very literary attitude towards life. And the sheer surreallity of Monty Python is one of the most hilarious things I can find, the total unexpected twists from reality into the downright bizarre! And what a blast at the classic Arthur legend, especially in the following line: "Listen, strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government!" So much for fable!

So, what does all this mean? I'll tell you what it all means!

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Fetchez la vache
crazychap4 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I also recommend anyone to see this film, otherwise, I will "fetchez la vache", which is among my favourite lines of the movie. I saw it first when I was a kid but I didn't really get it-- obviously, you don't understand what social critique and mockery are when you're 9 years old. But when I saw it again recently, I just bursted out with laughter, from the deliberate errors in the opening credits to the French Guards to the killer rabbit and so forth. For 90 minutes, Me and my flatmate laughed out so loudly that Sarah, one of our neighbours, almost called the police on us-- I didn't see any reason why she should. She didn't do it because she eventually went along and laughed out loud, too! I dated her for that 3 days later!
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Warning-you could laugh yourself to death
drystyx14 December 2006
You really could laugh yourself to death watching this movie. It is nothing but hilarious. Monty Python keeps pounding and pounding you with gag after gag, and lead you down a road, but suddenly its a bridge, no, its an ocean. One of the things that really makes this hilarious is the grand spectacle that dazzles you with attention to grand sound effects, and then the next scene may be purposely cheap sets, all to make you laugh yourself to death. There is crude humor, and what I think can fairly be described as dark humor-you might not think its funny to see an animal with big teeth rip several knights to death, or a knight have his arms and legs cut off, but Monty Python will make you laugh at it. I personally think they're akin to Marx Brothers comedy, or Mel Brooks-hilarious with likable people in outrageous situations.
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an acquired taste...
tlcglitznglam22 May 2006
All my life I've heard how funny Monty Python and the Holy Grail was but I had never seen it. Being in college, a group of my friends all wanted to watch it so I decided to join, excited to finally see this movie for which I've heard so much praise. I could see how people find the movie funny but I could not get into it. I kept wanting to leave but was determined to see it through to its end... and actually, I'm glad I did because the ending "credits" where it's several minutes of music playing to a black screen was the only thing that made me laugh from the movie. I respect the movie because it so widely loved so I'm not trying to bash it, yet I definitely think, as with any sort of humor, it is not for everyone. There are countless types of humor: dry, sarcastic, physical, nonsense, political etc. and everyone has their own taste as to which they prefer. With a movie like Monty Python, which has a very certain type of humor attached to it, there are bound to be those who dislike it. I only leave this comment to let those of you who have not yet seen the movie hear a "different" sort of opinion, as nearly all of the comments here highly praise the movie.
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Devine Medivel Satire
sapirdiamant7 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Even if you never heard the name :"monty python" , you will find it hard to stay indifferent to this magnificent film. the "so called" quest for the holy grail which marks the main theme of the movie is vaguely attended for, on this crazy "streem of conscious" comedy. on every possible occasion the movie wonders to absurd grounds with such off-topic debates as to what kind of sparrow can carry a coconut while maintaining air velocity, or what is the best system of governing is there to manage peasants - that is the kind of rubbish king Arthur has to endure on his no-good journey on a non existent horse to a grail he will never find, due to a sudden anachronistic burst of police officers that arrest him and his knights. indeed a good reason not going to Camelot is because "it's such a silly place" or maybe because "it's just a model"? who knows? but what i do know is that you'll never forget the dual between Arthur and the black night, or "the violence inherit in the system" sketch, or any number of unforgettable sketches you could find in this remarkable movie. you will be happy to get to know the amazingly talented cast of the "monty python's flying circus" legendary t.v. program from the early 70's BBC hit: john Cleese, Graham Chapman, Micheal Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam, along with others who appeared regularly on the show (Connie Booth- Clees's ex-wife for egg.). pay special attention to the opening credits- in the Hebrew translated version i saw they hid the credits with the translation, so don't miss it by that chance. have fun! Sapir
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Now watch this movie or I shall taunt you for a second time!
padiyark14 November 2011
I will preface this by saying that while I'm not a big Monty Python fan, when they get it right, it is brilliant. The show had some great sketches, but some were just bizarre and incomprehensible. The movie is 100% on the mark, starting from the titles with subtitles to its off the wall ending.

It would be a disservice to explain the movie and the great scenes in this review. But a few things to note.

First, when you take into account that this film was done in 1974, most medieval movies of the time were glamorous set pieces with handsome knights and beautiful princesses. The Pythons skewered this notion completely: Arthur and his knights were commonplace blokes, and the sets were in some muggy, ugly areas. This may have been a budgetary issue, but interestingly enough, they probably depicted medieval England more authentically than even films nowadays.

Second, the amount of times the fourth wall is broken are numerous, and just goes to shows how dementedly hilarious the movie gets, but yet still holds the story well.

That said, if you have never seen Monty Python (who hasn't?), this is a whole different level of comedy--yes, silly is about right, but not in the crude "Paul Blart" or "Larry the Cable Guy" type of silly, but at the same time, not the cerebral "Dr. Strangelove" type of silliness.

Must watch.
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Great Beginning, Great End, Dull Middle
jonsefcik25 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I rewatched this movie for the first time in almost 10 years to see if it still held up. Did it? Kind of. The first 20-30 minutes are great, the last 20 minutes are great, but the middle really drags.

Everything from the beginning of the film to the point where the knights split up is superb. The false opening, the second false opening, coconuts, swallows, "tis but a scratch", monster hand turning the book pages, the Trojan bunny, that stuff was great. Once the knights split up, the movie screeches to a dead halt for 40 minutes. The scenes were basically unrelated skits that meandered about to pad the running time to theatrical length. This wouldn't be so bad if these scenes were at least funny, but they weren't. I didn't laugh or even chuckle once through this whole stretch. Sir Robin, Galahad, Lancelot, none of it did it for me. The Knights Who Say Ni was the only somewhat humorous thing, mostly because of how stupid it was. Once they reunite, things start picking up again. The killer bunny, The Man From Scene 24 at the bridge, intermission, getting arrested, all classic stuff.

Had the middle section been heavily trimmed, this could have been fantastic, but that middle section really bogged the movie down to just "very good" for me. Apart from the humor, I'll say the film looks good given its small budget, and the foggy locations give it some nice atmosphere. Comedy can be very subjective, so how much you enjoy this film is dependent on your sense of humor. If you're not a fan of British humor, you're going to hate it, but if the first half hour grabs you, you'll probably enjoy it.
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Doesn't Stand the Test of Time
james_gb6 January 2003
I cannot feel that many people who have reviewed this film are overly nostalgic towards it. There is no question that the Python team were talented comedians; that this film was excellent in its time and that its influences are still being felt today. However when I watched it recently I barely laughed and could not help but feel that this film has been overhyped in the years since its release. I think The Life of Brian is still a great piece of comedy and can be enjoyed as much today as it could 20 years ago but not The Holy Grail. Having watched nearly every episode of sitcoms such as Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses and Blackadder before the film I can see that these shows have built on the comedy of The Holy Grail and are finer works because of it. But having seen these before the film I found the humour old fashioned, outdated and *gasp* predictable, something which would not be true when it was released. People have claimed that young people today do not 'get' comedies such as this but I would say that humour has evolved and now slicker, more sophisticated comedies have left dinosaurs such as this little more than reference points in comedy history.
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The great group Monty Python stands out in this often uproariously fun and hilarious classic movie
ma-cortes4 July 2015
Delightful as well as hilarious satire about King Arthur and his knights embark on a low-budget search for the Grail, encountering many very silly obstacles . This is an imaginative , glamorous , chaotic fantasy based on a haunting journey carried out by King Arthur (early deceased Graham Chapman) and his botcher knights .

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) results to be a spectacular legendary tale filled with irony , slapstick , adventure and fantasy ; being efficiently directed by Terry Gilliam . Irreverent and often sidesplitting nonsense comedy/satire of Middle Age movies that will probably like to nutty humor fans , including many Political and Social comments . Both John Cleese and Terry Gilliam performed all their stunts during the duel between Black and Green Knight , they both had to learn to manage big and heavy swords and to do some acrobatics, though never being recognizable, wearing both heavy armors and full helmets . The French tactic of pelting Arthur and his knights with livestock echoes the relatively modern legend of a medieval siege of the fortified southern French town of Carcassonne ; said to have been near starvation, the townspeople used the last of their food to pelt the besieging army to convince them, suffering likewise, that the town was well stocked with food and that the siege was hopeless. Adequate production design , he interiors of Camelot and Swamp Castle, and exteriors of Castle Anthrax, French Castle and the opening castle were all shot at Doune Castle . Recently-rebuilt Castle Stalker was used for the Castle Aarrgg ; however the Scottish Department of the Environment withdrew permission for the Pythons to shoot within their castles, saying that the film's script would be "incompatible with the history and fabric" of the castles . The flick was imaginatively directed by Terry Gilliam , an expert on wonderful , surreal atmospheres such as Baron Munchausen , Twelve monkeys , Time bandits , Brazil , Fisher king , Jabberwocky and Heath Leger's last film : Doctor Parnasus . The film might be described as an extraordinary Medieval fantasy full of imagination and color . Six cast members played various characters such as Graham Chapman , John Cleese , Terry Gilliam , Eric Idle , Terry Jones and Michael Palin who plays the most characters , 12 . Though the movie has been directed by Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones , there were a lot of the frictions and conflicts .

Lively and evocative Original Music , including jolly melodies . Colorful as well as evocative Cinematography . The motion picture was well directed by Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones . In 1965, with his friend Michael Palin, they made The Late Show (1966) for television, which was his first success and he wrote for many other TV shows . But Terry Gilliam' greatest success was the zany Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969-74) (with Palin, Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Jones and Eric Idle) and other hits such as Jabberwocky , The meaning of life , and especially Life of Brian and this Monty Python and the Holy Grail and this Life of Brian , among others . Rating : Good , better than average . Worthwhile watching .
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