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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman wears a bikini most of the time at the end of the film. A man tells her that he likes seeing her in a bikini due to no concealed weapons.
  • A woman in a tight bikini accidentally pushes a button on a control panel with her bum. The shot focuses on her rear.
  • There is a belly dancer character. We see her dancing in one scene. She has a bra that shows off her big boobs and her belly is of course exposed. Bond kisses her stomach to retrieve her belly ring.
  • The opening titles have blurred reflections of naked women carousing and dancing. Ripples in the water and the credits censor the private parts for the most part. The title song however is infamous for its sexual euphemisms such as "who will he bang?".
  • Scaramanga and his mistress lie fully clothed on a couch, kissing. Nothing more shown.
  • The Bond tradition of silouettes of nude women in the opening titles.
  • Bond has sex with women in this movie. We don't see more than some kissing though.
  • A woman is seen swimming completely naked in a swimming pool. She asks James to join her and he says "I'd like to, but the problem is that I don't have any swimming trunks," she replies, "Well that's not a problem because nor have I." When she turns to face Bond, full nudity is visible- although slightly blurred by the water.
  • One scene has Bond in a strip club called "Bottoms Up." Only hair covers womens' breasts, and they wear skimpy underwear.
  • We see a woman in a shower. The glass is frosted, but we can clearly see the outline of her naked body. As she opens the shower door, a very brief nipple flash can be clearly seen.
  • Lots of euphemisms and innuendo (much more than average 007 movies).

Violence & Gore

  • Bond engages in a brutal fight with three men in a dressing room. One man's head is slammed into a wall several times, another man has a chair broken over his head, and another man's head is smashed into a mirror. Bond has a bottle broken over his head at one point, and is punched repeatedly, but manages to defeat all three.
  • Two young men fight in a dojo with swords, and both kick each other several times. One is eventually stabbed and falls backward, with blood visible on his clothing.
  • Bond prepares to fight a man in a dojo, but suddenly kicks him in the head, knocking him out. Another man steps in and prepares to fight Bond, and the two engage in a lengthy, brutal fight. Bond dives through a window and lands outside, and a man and two girls rush to help him. A large group of men from inside the dojo come out to attack Bond, but the man and girls fight off the entire group, defeating all of them.
  • After a brief gun battle, a man is shot in the head in the beginning, and a bullet hole is seen in his forehead with some blood visible.
  • A woman is shot, and a small hole with some blood is seen under her neck.
  • A plane explodes.
  • A man is knocked out with a wrench, and falls into a pool.
  • There's a brief boat chase, and Bond drives his boat through his pursuers', and their boat breaks in half and they fall into the water.
  • Bond fights two sumo wrestlers, and he brutally hits them, but one of them grabs him and tries to crush him. He pulls the man's cloth around his waist until it gives him a wedgie, and he continues to fight, but is knocked out.
  • A man is frozen.


  • A tourist scolds baby elephant saying "get your schnoz out of my pant".
  • 6 uses of 'damn' (3-4 paired with 'God'), 5 uses of 'hell', 2 uses of 'ass', and 1 use of 'bloody'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Scaramanga and Bond drink wine in a scene.
  • Bond smokes and drinks occasionally.
  • Sherrif Pepper chews tobacco.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a lot of action and peril.
  • The final duel is very intense and full of surprises.
  • The dojo fight is intense, and mildly brutal.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • The villain has a deformity of three nipples on his chest.

Violence & Gore

  • Bond forces a woman face down on to a bed and twists her arm behind her back, hurting her for information. He then slaps her.
  • Bond fights Nick Nack on a boat in the end, and the midget runs around the room, kicking Bond in the shins and pushes him over. He then throws wine bottles at Bond, who traps him in a brief case and strings him up in the boat's rigging.
  • Bond shoots Scaramanga after a long standoff and cat-and-mouse game, there is blood present on the wound after Bond shoots him and he falls dropping the gun.

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