Juggernaut (1974) Poster


Anthony Hopkins: Supt. John McCleod



  • Major O'Neill : Hello Johnny.

    Supt. John McCleod : Major. Sit down.

    Major O'Neill : Thanks. Well now, who's been blowing up what?

    Supt. John McCleod : What makes you think anyone has?

    Major O'Neill : Well now, it can't be friendship eh? Or you wouldn't be dragging me away from my bedtime cocoa like this would you?

    Supt. John McCleod : Right. I want to know who's active on the scene.

    Major O'Neill : Ah yes. Well now, I'm not a grass, I don't point fingers. You must be pretty desperate, eh?

    Supt. John McCleod : Yes I am. Lives at stake.

    Major O'Neill : Ah yes. Let's see, I've done three years, seven to go, seven to go with a little luck and a decent home secretary. I don't care Johnny, I really don't care who gets blown up. I might know a few things, might tell you lies, tantalize you a bit. But I really don't care that much. It's all up here. In my head. And that's where it's staying.

    [tosses back pro-offered cigarettes] 

    Major O'Neill : Thanks.

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