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A forgotten gem worth seeing.
searchanddestroy-110 May 2021
Especially for movie buffs interested in WW2, and from another point of view than the always American or British. So far, we know so few from the Polish one, though you also may have some propaganda lines, as in nearly any war movie. But what I mean is that the Poland invasion was not often evoked, unlike the Poland occupation by the Nazis; look out on Netflix for recent films, speaking of the Polish resistance etc.... Movies which are more or less under the influence of Paul Verhoeven's SOLDIER OF ORANGE or Jean Pierre Melville's L' ARMEE DES OMBRES. All patriotic films, as you can guess. So, back to this film, it's rewarding for those who are able to purchase this rare item. I don't think that this kind of film would interest the bulk of western audiences, more focused on big battles with CGI effects and romance in the same time. Junk cinema for me, destined to pop corn audiences not aware of many historical errors. I prefer this kind of seventies features, gloomy yes, but closer to the human spirit of this era, forties, under German occupation, human tragedy for the people. I am proud to have commented this film. Unfortunately forgotten but not lost.
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