Herbie Rides Again (1974) Poster

Chuck McCann: Loostgarten


  • Loostgarten : Loostgarten speaking.

    Willoughby Whitfield : [imitating Hawk's voice over the telephone]  This is Alonzo Hawk.

    Loostgarten : Right, Mr. Hawk.

    Willoughby Whitfield : Loostgarten, there's been a slight change in plan. I don't want you to knock down the firehouse tonight. Instead I want you to knock down 343 Oleander Heights. You got that, 343 Oleander Heights?

    Loostgarten : Right.

    Willoughby Whitfield : [quickly spoken]  Write it down! I don't want you to be blackballed in the wrecking ball buisness. If you know what I mean.

    [then he chuckles quickly] 

  • [Alonzo Hawk is aroused in the middle of the night by his phone ringing and ending the nightmare of Herbie, attacking him] 

    Alonzo Hawk : [answering the phone]  Yeah, what is it?

    Loostgarten : [on the phone]  Sorry to disturb you at this time of the night, Mr. Hawk, but a guy with my job can't afford to make mistakes.

    Alonzo Hawk : What are you talking about?

    Loostgarten : That address you gave me on the phone.

    Alonzo Hawk : Well, what about it?

    Loostgarten : Uh, 343 Oleander Heights. Are you sure that's the right address?

    Alonzo Hawk : Of course I'm sure, you idiot! I know it as well as my own address.

    [hangs up and starts to lie back down, then suddenly sits up with alarm] 

    Alonzo Hawk : Wait a minute! It is my own address!

    [but it's too late; Loostgarten starts to tear down Mr. Hawk's home] 

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