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Routine comedy, but for Adjani's performance
bob9987 August 2005
Pinoteau was a journeyman director who made some hits using box office stars like Lino Ventura, Pierre Richard and Sophie Marceau. This film would pass unnoticed were it not for the astonishing presence of Isabelle Adjani, only 18 at the time. You just can't take your eyes off her as long as she's on screen. The abrupt adolescent gestures of rage and frustration are impressive to watch.

Lino Ventura and Annie Girardot play the parents; they're both great to watch. Ventura was an action star who could play comedy well. His slow-burn reactions to his daughter's emotional excesses provide much of the fun.
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A perfect film by French director Claude Pinoteau who shaped Isabelle Adjani's cinematographic career.
FilmCriticLalitRao19 April 2013
Film critic Mr.Lalit Rao has keenly observed that apart from films set in innumerable Parisian Cafés,films about families and family life are also an essential facet of French cinema.This is done in a very frank manner as French directors sense that there is no harm in talking about troubles which afflict French society at large.They are of the opinion that it is solely through discussions about issues that solutions are found.La Gifle is one such film which deals with a middle class French family which sees cracks develop between a husband,his wife and his young daughter.However,it must be stated that "La Gifle" is not only about family problems but also how troubles within a family are solved.In 1974,French director Claude Pinoteau worked with one of France's most famous screenwriters Jean Loup Dabadie to create a real slice of life.The same team worked again six years later to direct and write,"La Boum"(The Party,1980)-One of French cinema's most recognizable films about issues which affect French youngsters.La Gifle is considered an important film of her illustrious cinema career by noted actress Isabelle Adjani who has publicly acknowledged Claude Pinoteau's contribution to her acting career when he chose to cast her in his films.
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Let's Face The Muzak
writers_reign15 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The title translates as a slap in the face and there are several on offer though it does stop short of slapstick. For French film buffs it's hawg heaven via the early glimpses of Andre Dussollier and Nathalie Baye plus veterans Nicole Courcel, Annie Girardot and, of course, Lino Ventura. Although Isabelle Adjani had been around for a couple of years this was her breakout role and she is effective and extracts maximum mileage from the opportunity but the real joy is watching Ventura and Girardot. Jean-Loup Dabadie was already registering as a competent scenarist and he would go on to work for Yves Montand, not least writing a song, Valentin, for Montand's son. Pinotau was a fine journeyman director and this is certainly worth a look.
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