Blazing Saddles (1974) Poster

Alex Karras: Mongo



  • Mongo : Mongo only pawn... in game of life.

  • Jim : Uh-oh, Bart. I think Mongo here's taken a liking to you.

    Mongo : Huh-huh, naw, Mongo straight.

  • Mongo : Mongo no go. Mongo stay with Sheriff Bart. Sheriff Bart first man ever whip Mongo. Mongo impressed. Have deep feelings for Sheriff Bart.

  • [while Mongo is beating the hell out of a bar full of toughs, Bart walks in, dressed as a messenger boy and carrying a box] 

    Bart : Candygram for Mongo! Candygram for Mongo!

    Mongo : Me Mongo.

    Bart : Sign, please.

    [Mongo grabs the paper and makes some rough scratches on it] 

    Bart : Thank you.

    [he gives Mongo the box and walks out of the bar, putting his fingers in his ears] 

    Mongo : Mongo like candy.

    [he opens the box - boom!] 

  • Bart : Maybe you know why a high-roller like Hedley Lamarr is interested in Rock Ridge.

    Mongo : Don't know. Got to do with where choo-choo go.

    Bart : Mongo, why would Hedley Lamarr care about where the choo-choo goes?

    Mongo : Don't know. Mongo only pawn in game of life.

  • Bart : [Bart dresses himself as a carnival barker and stands beside a wishing-well]  ... Step right up, ladies and gentlemen and... Mongos! Dive, dive, dive for buried treasure! This is the exact spot where the Spanish Armada was sunk by the British Navy, leaving millions and millions of Spanish Dubloons at the bottom of the sea!

    [Remember, they're in the middle of the desert, on America's Western Frontier!] 

    Mongo : Spanish balloons? Mongo take chance...!

    [and, after suiting up] 

    Mongo : ... How Mongo get air?

    Bart : From this wonderful antique pump. Good hunting!

    [and, once Mongo climbs to the bottom of the well] 

    Bart : ... Time for my lunch break.

    [He lowers a sign to Mongo which reads "For more air, deposit $.25"] 

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