Blazing Saddles (1974) Poster

John Hillerman: Howard Johnson



  • Howard Johnson : [reading]  As chairman of the welcoming committee, it is my privilege to extend a Laurel - and Hardy handshake to our new...

    [looks up and sees Bart] 

    Howard Johnson : ...nigger.

  • Rev. Johnson : Order, order. Goddamnit, I said "order".

    Howard Johnson : [smugly]  Y'know, Nietzsche says: "Out of chaos comes order."

    Olson Johnson : Oh, blow it out your ass, Howard.

  • Bart : Just give me twenty-four hours to come up with a brilliant idea to save our town. Just twenty-four hours, that's all I ask.

    Townspeople : [in unison]  No!

    Bart : You'd do it for Randolph Scott.

    Townspeople : [reverently]  Randolph Scott...

    Townspeople : [singing in the fashion of a church choir]  *Randolph Scott!*

    Howard Johnson : All right, Sheriff. Twenty-four hours.

  • Bart : Well, can't you see that's the last act of a desperate man?

    Howard Johnson : We don't care if it's the first act of "Henry V," we're leaving!

  • Howard Johnson : Think of it, gentlemen. Hoof and mouth disease a thing of the past.

    Olson Johnson : Never mind that shit! Here comes Mongo!

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