Bank Shot (1974) Poster


Joanna Cassidy: Eleonora



  • Andrew Constable : [outside on a megaphone]  Ballantine? This is the FBI! You're surrounded! Come out with your hands up!


    Streiger : [on another megaphone]  Ballantine? This is Streiger! We don't want any trouble! The game's up and you've lost! Come out peacefully!

    Hermann X : They got us, man! And me without a heater!

    Eleonora : [grabbing hold of Hermann's face with both hands]  You just be glad that you don't have a gun! Violence begets violence!

    Stosh Gornik : You see, mama? I told ya! You ought to be glad that you're wearing that brace!

    Mums Gornik : [crying]  You're a good boy, Stosh!

    Streiger : [on the megaphone]  Walter? Don't make us use the tear gas!

    [Walter comes to a decision; with a sigh, he turns and heads for the trailer door] 

    Victor Karp : Mr. Ballantine?

    [Walter stops and looks at him] 

    Victor Karp : I'm so sorry.

    [Walter reaches out and hugs him with one arm, then goes out the door with his hands high in the air] 

    Streiger : [on the megaphone]  We're waiting, Ballantine! We're waiting!

    [Walter looks around and sees that the police are concentrating on another trailer; slowly, he puts his arms down and goes back inside] 

    Walter Upjohn Ballentine : [to the others]  Must be some other Ballantine.

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