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classldy24 December 2005
In a time when television is all depressing any of the variety shows that were done in the past seems to lighten the day.Today it is not possible to make any of those shows because of the high costs of talent and employees; such as musicians, dancers, and technical crew.

Tony is fantastic with his energy; and the backups by Telma Hopkins and Joyce Vincent Wilson really make the show. Telma especially is is a great actress and singer; no reason why she has attained the status she deserves.

It is clean and wholesome no wonder TV ratings are dismal; nowadays you have comedians with no class; dirty mouths it is refreshing to watch good solid musical numbers, comedy skits done by professionals who know their craft.
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Tony Orlando & Dawn-Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree
edwagreen19 May 2009
Tie a yellow ribbon round the old Oak Tree, it's been 3 long years, do you still want me? If I don't find a ribbon round the old oak tree, I'll stay on the bus, forget us, put the blame on me- if I don't find a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree.

I love that song as well as the memorable show of the 1970s. Tony showed us that with Telma and Joyce, he could really act up a memorable comedy sketch routine which seemed to get funnier and funnier each week.

Years later on the Jerry Lewis telethon, an older and heavier Tony would poke fun of his Greek, Puerto Rican heritages by referring to himself as a "Greek-a-rican.."

Tony and the girls had excellent comic timing.
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I LOVE this show!
Cherokeegirl8724 June 2004
This was one of the best shows ever! Tony, Telma and Joyce are wonderful. They are my all time favorite group. The show was very funny. I remember one skit called "Television 50 years from now." It was about what it would be like if the TV stars of the '70's were alive and still working in 2025. It was hilarious seeing Tony, who was in his early 30's, acting like he was 90! The first time I ever saw that skit, I laughed so hard my ribs were sore! I also remember the Lou Effy and Maureen skits. Telma Hopkins is the queen of one-liners! I was disappointed when Goodlife took the re-runs off, but I found out today that they are going to release DVDs of the show!
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