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4 Sep. 1974
Whose Child Is This?
Clifton's past catches up with him, when a woman from his past shows up at the barbershop with a baby and claiming it's his. When he refuses to marry her, she gets an "attorney". Mama 'feels' something fishy.
11 Sep. 1974
Honesty Day
Clifton calls for an "Honesty Day" during which no one in the family can tell a lie for 24 hours. In the beginning it's refreshing, but things get ugly when the honesty gets brutal.
18 Sep. 1974
Clifton's Dubious Romance
Finally Mama's matchmaking ways to "hook-up" Clifton work. She sets him up with a very beautiful girl named Polly. All is good until Earl confesses to Tracy that he "knows" Polly from back in the day and she had a "rep" as a man-eater.
25 Sep. 1974
Cousin Albert
Mama wishes Clifton was more of a success like his cousin Albert, who appears to be dealing a well-to-do insurance franchise. But Junior finds out that insurance is not what cousin Albert is "dealing".
2 Oct. 1974
Clifton's Sugar Mama
A rich, old friend of Mama's comes to town. Clifton used to call her "Auntie" Melvina when he was 3 years old. But Clifton is a grown man now and "Auntie" Melvina is a sexy 'Cougar' looking to have some fun with him while in town.
9 Oct. 1974
Clifton's Big Move
Freddie Hamptom, a old Army buddy of Clifton, shows up in town wanting Clifton to be his new roommate. Clifton jumps at the chance despite Mama's objection. The swinging life is not all he thought it would be, and wants to move back home.
16 Oct. 1974
Mama Steps Out
Clifton finds out the real reason Mama is acting all secretive and staying out late at night, it's because she has a boyfriend. But Clifton discovers that Mama's Beau does not want a wife, he wants a maid for his 6 kids.
23 Oct. 1974
The Loan
When Clifton tries to collect a $50 debt from his brother-in-law Leonard, everything becomes chaotic because Leonard does not have any recollection of the loan! Mama tries to believe in them both and help, but it makes matters worse.
30 Oct. 1974
Clifton's Con
A army friend from the past, Floyd, shows up at the barbershop to collect a debt. Turns out he helped Clifton back in the day and now needs the favor returned - he needs a job. All's good until it's discovered Floyd was an ex-con.
6 Nov. 1974
Clifton's Persuasion
Clifton's faith is in doubt, and he gives up on church. Is it a run of bad luck, or Mama's browbeating that will finally make a believer out of him?
13 Nov. 1974
Oscar's Affair
Mama wants to know why Clifton is acting strange since one of Mama's rivals has been back in town. Turns out that that this rival confessed to Clifton that she had an affair with his father, after he was married to Mama.
20 Nov. 1974
Tracy's Trouble
Tracy has a fight with Leonard and moves back to her mother's home. She refuses to say what the fight was about but that doesn't stop Mama and Cliff from trying to fix the problem.
4 Dec. 1974
The Gun
A batter that leaves Earl shacked causes him to desire a firearm. Clifton consents and purchases him one but Earl insists he hold it in which Mama disagrees strongly.
25 Dec. 1974
Mama Gets Fractured
Mama breaks her leg so Clifton gets one of the sisters from the church to move in to take over the household duties. The sister doesn't want to do things the way Mama wants, instead wants to do things her way. Mama doesn't back down and the sister tells Mama that as long as she is staying in the house, things are going to be done her way.

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