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Season 5

11 Sep. 1977
Sharks: Part 1
Steve Austin is aboard a sabotaged nuclear submarine when a court-martialed admiral and his daughter use sharks - trained and controlled by technology - to attempt to steal the sub.
18 Sep. 1977
Sharks: Part 2
With Steve Austin and Dr. Rudy Wells held captive on the ocean floor, Oscar Goldman and the Navy seem to be left with only two options - let the thieves escape with the sub... or destroy it before they can - most likely killing Steve and Rudy in the process.
25 Sep. 1977
Deadly Countdown: Part 1
Thieves intending to gain control of an OSI satellite need to delay the mission to repair it until their technology is perfected. They can either sabotage NASA's Saturn rocket or kill the astronaut scheduled to take it up.
2 Oct. 1977
Deadly Countdown: Part 2
In the wake of the rocket's destruction, repairing the defense satellite may no longer be possible but Steve is determined to get the job done.
9 Oct. 1977
Bigfoot V
Bigfoot has been left behind by his alien creators and is being adapted to life on Earth. But he is awoken prematurely by tests conducted by Hope Langston and goes on a rampage.
16 Oct. 1977
Killer Wind
During a plane ride Steve and Rudy make an emergency landing near the desert town of Bridgeton due to a tornado. While looking for medical attention for Rudy, Steve runs afoul of a group of bank robbers. Meanwhile, a group of school children and their teacher get stuck atop a mountain.
30 Oct. 1977
Steve goes undercover as a roller derby skater in order to stop a syndicate from stealing OSI secrets.
6 Nov. 1977
Dark Side of the Moon: Part 1
Someone has altered the course of the Moon's orbit. Steve Austin is sent to correct it before it destroys the Earth.
13 Nov. 1977
Dark Side of the Moon: Part 2
Dr. Charles Leith's efforts to find the mineral dilanthium on Luna, rather than the asteroid where it was supposed to be sought, continues to endanger Earth, and Colonel Steve Austin has to employ his bionics for climate-damage control by restoring Luna to its proper orbit.
27 Nov. 1977
Target: Steve Austin
Steve's latest mission has him trying to lure out some people who have managed to infiltrate OSI and make off with some of their new projects. He and another agent are suppose to pose as a married couple and they are transporting a power unit. What they don't know is that they made one of their own look like the agent Steve is working with. And while in transit they grab her and send their ringer in.
18 Dec. 1977
The Cheshire Project
During a test flight for a new radar-invisible plane known as Chesire the pilot(Suzanne Somers) and aircraft disappear and Steve Austin must figures out what happened.
1 Jan. 1978
Walk a Deadly Wing
Steve Austin poses as a wing walker in an air show in order to protect a Russian scientist named Viktor Cheraskin and his wife and retrieve the anti-equilibrium device that Viktor created.
8 Jan. 1978
Just a Matter of Time
While testing a new fuel aboard an experimental space craft, Col. Steve Austin experiences difficulties while preparing to land and is pulled off course to splash down near a remote island in the Pacific. There, he attempts to contact Oscar at OSI to inform him of his whereabouts, but when another government agent shows up and identifies himself as Oscar's replacement, the Colonel is shocked to learn that 6 years have supposedly passed, Oscar is dead and he has been declared a traitor after supposedly defecting to the Soviet Union.
22 Jan. 1978
Return of Death Probe: Part 1
When a new alloy is stolen, Oscar sends Steve to investigate. He eventually learns that the ones who stole the alloy have used it to recreate the Russian space probe, he encountered before. Now they have to find a way to stop it.
29 Jan. 1978
Return of Death Probe: Part 2
Steve and Oscar learn that a foreign diplomat is using the probe for the purpose of blackmail: the government must turn over two nuclear warheads to him or a U.S. city will be devastated by the probe. Steve must try and stop the probe.
30 Jan. 1978
The Lost Island
Season 5 episode 16 The Lost Island is actually two episodes, part 1 and part 2. In part 1: the OSI agency loses one of its satellites, which crashes on a remote ocean island, and is now cracked and leaking neutron radiation which is negatively affecting the other-worldly humanoids that inhabit the island and electromagnetically cloak it in invisibility. A decision is made by the aliens to send Da Nay, a young alien woman, to the U.S. to find and bring back a serum that will boost the aliens' immunity and thus allow all the aliens to leave the island and survive with ...
6 Feb. 1978
The Madonna Caper
Oscar sends Steve to the National Gallery of Art to assist a Countess in stealing The Madonna painting in order to obtain a secret microdot that contains details of the Warsaw Missile Pact. Steve unknowingly is then duped in the theft by the Countess as she switches the painting for a fake one. As Oscar and Steve are tipped off of the fake in the Gallery by the Museum Director, the Countess sells the original for 5 million dollars to an art collector. Then Steve poses as a rich Texas oilman and art collector in order to purchase the original Madonna for 8 million "...
13 Feb. 1978
Dead Ringer
Steve Austin is lead to believe through accidents and a psychologist (Margaret) that his spirit has left his body at a previous point in time when he died from the crash that lead to his bionics. Furthering this spiritual belief involves an office explosion, a seance, a spiritually possessed woman who tries to kill Steve with a fireplace poker, a car that drives itself and multiple ghost like appearances resembling Steve Austin. The plot thickens as Oscar informs Steve that two Russians are in town bent on capturing him, dead or alive, wanting the technology of his ...
20 Feb. 1978
Date with Danger: Part 1
Part 1 of Date with Danger: Robert Walker Jr. stars in dual roles, one as OS agent, the other as an evil computer hacker bent on controlling computers, satellites, and then the world. Bob Eubanks (game show host of The Newlywed Game) costars as Robert Walker Jr. evil sidekick. Robert Walker Jr., as evil Cloche, sends instructions to take over bank accounts, hiring an assassin to kill Steve Austin, blow up buildings, etc. while trying to seduce his co-tenant. Cloche is also panting false information to frame what he is doing on his lookalike in the OS.
27 Feb. 1978
Date with Danger: Part 2
See part 1 description for plot line. Season 5, episode 20, Date with Danger, part 2: Cloche continues to send his hired assassin to kill Steve Austin. Steve finds and interrigates Cloche's evil sidekick (Bob Eubanks), who reveals Cloche's plan to control satellites and, in turn, the world. Cloche's and Steves romantic interest is kidnapped by Cloche to try to trap Steve.
6 Mar. 1978
The Moving Mountain
Steve Austin teams up with a KGB agent, Andrea Mastrova, to track down stolen U.S. smart missiles developed by the OSI and a stolen Russian missile launching tank both taken by a man named Santos. Unbeknownst to Steve, his life may be in additional danger if Mastova finds out that he is responsible for her father's death.

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