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9 Jan. 1976
The Hammer of C Block
A friend (Isaac Hayes) from Jim's time in prison after getting out, needs help clearing himself from the crime he was put into prison for.
16 Jan. 1976
The No-Cut Contract
A minor league football player drags Jim into his troubles.
23 Jan. 1976
A Portrait of Elizabeth
A client of Beth's hires Jim misleadingly to check on his company.
30 Jan. 1976
Joey Blue Eyes
Jim helps one of Beth's clients, who is being swindled out of his business.
6 Feb. 1976
In Hazard
Beth has trouble and is nearly killed by a client with tax trouble.
13 Feb. 1976
The Italian Bird Fiasco
Jim gets hired by a diamond smuggler posing as an art dealer causing trouble for Jim with LAPD and other smugglers.
20 Feb. 1976
Where's Houston?
Rocky's friend is killed thinking his Granddaughter was kidnapped leading Jim with the help of Rocky to untangle a crooked real estate deal.
12 Mar. 1976
Foul on the First Play
Jim's shackled to his ex-parole officer Marcus Aurelius (Louis Gossett Jr.), now a PI himself, when a no-holds barred competition for a new NBA franchise ensnares both sleazes. Jim can't figure which jock-sucker, the motor mouth Marc works for, but whoever it is, they keep bringing Jim the pain and costing him way-too-many non-reimbursed expenses. As a PO, slick Marc tried to send Jim back up the river; as a PI, he runs Jim dizzy dodging bullets.
19 Mar. 1976
A Bad Deal in the Valley
Rockford finds himself in the middle of a bad deal indeed when he agrees to help an old girlfriend and ends up with a suitcase full of counterfeit money and under arrest by the F.B.I.
24 Sep. 1976
The Fourth Man
Jim helps a friend who works in the airline industry, who's apparently being pursued by a hit man, and she's no idea why she's being targeted.
1 Oct. 1976
The Oracle Wore a Cashmere Suit
Rockford finds himself getting unwanted attention from the media and police, when a popular psychic fingers him as having important information on the disappearance of two people.
8 Oct. 1976
The Family Hour
Jim and Rocky find an abandoned young girl that leads to Jim finding and helping her father.
15 Oct. 1976
Feeding Frenzy
Jim helps a friend who wants to pay back money he stole three years earlier when his daughter then gets kidnapped leading to problems for Jim with the kidnappers and the police.
5 Nov. 1976
Drought at Indianhead River
Jim finds out there's a hit out on Angel and runs into trouble with the mob bailing him out.
12 Nov. 1976
Coulter City Wildcat
Rocky is forced to sign oil lease rights he owns away, leading Jim to investigate who and why someone wanted Rocky's seemingly worthless leases so badly.
19 Nov. 1976
So Help Me God
Jim gets called before a grand jury where he promptly gets thrown into jail for contempt.
26 Nov. 1976
Rattlers' Class of '63
Angel is working a con involving the sale of a landfill, and unknown to him or Jim, it happens to be the location of a dead body from an unsolved case from twelve years before. The people who put it there don't want it found.
10 Dec. 1976
Return to the 38th Parallel
Jim gets used by an old Army buddy in an insurance recovery case.
17 Dec. 1976
Piece Work
While investigating an insurance claim Jim accidentally stumbles into a gun smuggling operation.
24 Dec. 1976
The Trouble with Warren
Beth's nerdy cousin Warren drags Jim into his mounting troubles.

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