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Season 6

28 Sep. 1979
Paradise Cove
Jim's Malibu neighbourhood becomes the site of a treasure hunt for a stash of gold bullion, stolen fifty years earlier.
12 Oct. 1979
Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs
Jim rubs shoulders with royalty when a princess hires him because she believes someone is trying to kill her friend (Lauren Bacall).
19 Oct. 1979
Only Rock 'n Roll Will Never Die: Part 1
Jim senses something is out of tune while looking into the disappearance of a rock star's producer.
26 Oct. 1979
Only Rock 'n Roll Will Never Die: Part 2
While consoling his morose love-lorn friend Eddie, Jim continues to look for the missing producer. He eventually finds his body but the presumed killer is not whom he had expected.
9 Nov. 1979
Love Is the Word
Jim reconnects with Dr. Megan Dougherty and discovers she is engaged to another man. When she believes he is missing Jim agrees to help her, despite the fact he disapproves of her engagement and for his feelings for Megan.
16 Nov. 1979
Nice Guys Finish Dead
The special guest of a P.I. convention dinner is found murdered in the restroom, and Jim unhappily finds himself once more having to team up with flawless Lance White (Tom Selleck), while accident prone Freddie Beamer tags along.
23 Nov. 1979
The Hawaiian Headache
Jim is tricked into believing he's won a trip to Hawaii, when it really turns out to be doing a favor for an old army pal in the CIA.
30 Nov. 1979
No Fault Affair
Rita Capkovic (Rita Moreno) comes to Jim for help after her former pimp has beaten her up for refusing to work for him again. As Jim helps Rita recover she begins to see him as more than just as a friend, to the concern of everyone.
7 Dec. 1979
The Big Cheese
Rockford gets a phone call telling him to expect a package in the mail. Two hoods then murder the caller and go to Rockford's trailer to await the package's arrival. When the package is a wheel of cheese the mystery only gets deeper.
14 Dec. 1979
Just a Coupla Guys
Rockford flies to Newark for a case and is robbed, leaving him stranded at the police station. Jim is caught in the middle of a mob war when 2 mooks, looking to make a name for themselves, get involved and complicate everything.
10 Jan. 1980
Deadlock in Parma
In the series finale, Jim Rockford drives off into a California sunset in his wounded Firebird, after being ensnared in a small-town council battle with big implications. While trout fishing in the mountains, the vacationing PI becomes the emergency proxy for a fellow angler, an environmentalist councilman, felled by appendicitis. But the seemingly-innocuous proposition for a Parma city park, attracts a trailer load of New Jersey mobsters who urge Rockford to keep his vote green, or sleep with the fishes. Meanwhile, this town council in the land of endless ...

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