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Wow, this was bad.
mahatmarandy13 March 2005
In 1974, my family and I bought into the idea that "Rock and Roll" was inherently evil. I was 7, so I was easily sold on the idea, but I was typically drawn to the thing I was supposed to be repulsed by, and was always sneaking peeks at The Partridge Family (the live-action show). When I heard about this show - from an ad in a Richie Rich comic book prattling on about the virtues of the new CBS Saturday morning lineup - I was overjoyed in a pre-pubescently naughty way. I knew I could sneak peaks at the show without my family knowing about it, because who cared what I watched on a Saturday morning? No one. My own dirty little secret in waiting. Little did I realize how inherently lame and non-rebellious the 'live' Partridges were, but oh well. When the show actually came on, it was just terrible. So bad that even a seven year old was bored silly by it: there was no explanation as to why the Partridges were suddenly two-and-a-quarter centuries in the future, their world consisted mostly of old backgrounds and incidental music left over from the Jetsons, and it wasn't at all funny. I watched it once or twice, and then drifted away and forgot it even existed. In the early 80s it was briefly syndicated, and I watched about one episode, unable to get through it, and kind of embarrassed to remember how much I looked forward to it. As part of the inexplicable early-70s demi-trend of taking established properties and putting them in space for no good reason, this show ranks a poor second to "Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space".
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This cartoon gives the finger to a fantastic TV show
pholland1626 January 2010
Quite frankly, this has to be the worst cartoon ever and it doesn't deserve to bear the Partridge Family name. Gone are the well-crafted scripts of the original series as well as the strong dynamics between the characters. I mean the Danny/Reuben relationship is all but gone, Keith and Laurie are just cardboard cutouts of the stereotypical teenagers and their voice replacements are terrible. The same with Shirley whose progressive edge that made the character so different from other TV mothers from the same era. Quite frankly, if you haven't seen it, you are definitely not missing anything. Go and do yourself a favor and watch the original series episodes (all four seasons are available on DVD) and try to forget this was ever made.
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Makes the Brady Kids Look Good
Brian Washington11 June 2004
When I was a kid, I was a big fan of the original "Partridge Family". I honestly thought that their show was a more realistic portray of family life than "The Brady Bunch". When I heard that they were going to make the Partridges into an animated series, I thought that it was going to be great. Imagine my shock when I saw how bad it was. This was nothing like the original show and they even had the nerve to try to pass off Joan Gerber and Chuck McClendon off as reasonable substitutes for Shirley Jones and David Cassidy. This show was so bad that after a few episodes Susan Dey quit the show and they had to get Kathy Gori to assume the role of Laurie Partridge. Also, the characters of Marion the Martian and Vinnie the Venusian were nothing but annoyances. Also, the robot dog Orbit was a waste of ink and wasn't even funny. Thankfully, this show isn't shown in reruns anymore and I have an idea that Shirley Jones and David Cassidy are thanking their lucky stars that they didn't appear in this train wreck.
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C'mon get sloppy
purakek29 August 2002
If the original series weren't too cutesy and cartoony enough, Hanna-Barbera had to bring the singing family to the future, in animation form. The Partridges were based on the Cowsills; why weren't both families brought to the future? The animation here is poorly done (but then that's how it was in the OPEC-affected 70s)and the stories are not any better. Not a great way to cash in on the success of the band.
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The Partridge Family Meet the Jetsons
NutzieFagin10 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Okay! I can understand---your TV show gets canned so what are your options.....that's right! A CARTOON!! But did they have to follow another classic cartoon like The Jetsons? Because of this The Partridge Family 2200 AD looks like a show just trying to cash it in on a previous success.. The original cast members do the voices except Shirley Jones and David Cassidy who must have recognized a bomb when seen. And for some reason (probably a legal one) Shirley Partridge is now Connie Partridge. Well, they try to spice up the cartoon with all the nifty tricks and mechanisms that the Jetsons have but it simply doesn't work due to the bad animation, story writing--even the laugh track is weak! The songs are made to sound a little more futuristic but bad all the same! Because there are few episodes this may be hard to find in stores.... If you are a hard core fan, you may enjoy it--but otherwise it is just EL Stinko!
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