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‘Barry,’ HBO’s hit man-turned-actor, could sneakily make a killing at the Emmys

Don’t take your eyes off of “Barry.” HBO’s dramedy about an expert hit man who longs to be an actor could make a killing at the Emmys. It aired this past spring to critical acclaim (scoring 83 on MetaCritic), nestled comfortably between “Silicon Valley” and “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday nights, the same time slot that “Veep” occupied when it won the last three Emmys for Best Comedy Series. But “Veep” is out of the running since its production was delayed as star Julia Louis-Dreyfus underwent treatment for cancer. So how many nominations will “Barry” get in its place? And how many will it win?

We’ve polled 18 Expert journalists from top media outlets for their Emmy picks, and eight of them are betting on a nomination for Best Comedy Series: Eric Deggans (NPR), Joyce Eng (Gold Derby), Pete Hammond (Deadline Hollywood), Robert Rorke (New York Post), Anne Thompson
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Stl Pop Culture Con August 17th – 18th. Hollywood Comes to St. Louis!

What do Scott Baio, Eddie Deezen, Michael Pare, Todd Bridges, Didi Conn, Kathy “Cissy” Garver, Corben Bernsen, Lorenzo Lamas, and Tawny Kitaen have in common? They’re coming to St. Louis This Summer!

Over 25 Celebrities / Pop Culture stars & icons will be invading the St. Charles Convention Center the weekend of August 17-19th, 2018! Celebrities from the Iconic film “Grease” to “Pirates of the Caribbean” to “Growing Pains”, “Happy Days”, “He-Man & the Masters of the Universe” to WWE/WWF stars and Much more to come!

The Con’s site can be found Here

Ticket information can be found Here

Check out this line-up of celebs!

Scott Baio– Best known for his role as Chachi Arcola on the sitcom Happy Days (1977–1984) and its spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi (1982–1983), as well as the title character on the sitcom Charles in Charge (1984–1990), Dr. Jack Stewart in the medical-mystery-drama series Diagnosis: Murder (1993–1995), and the titular hero
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Hollywood’s Notable Deaths of 2018 (Photos)

Hollywood’s Notable Deaths of 2018 (Photos)
Halfway through the year, we’ve already lost a number of stars across Hollywood. Here’s a list of some of the notable celebrities and industry professionals in film, TV, music and sports who have passed away so far in 2018.

Jon Paul Steuer

Jon Paul Steuer, a former child actor who starred in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and most recently under the stage name Jonny Jewels for the rock band P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S., died on January 1. He was 33.

Mark Tenser

Mark Tenser, president and CEO of B-Movie studio Crown International Pictures, died on January 1. At his request, his age was not disclosed.

Frank Buxton

Frank Buxton, a writer and director best known for his work on “The Odd Couple” and “Happy Days,” died on January 2. He was 87.

Donnelly Rhodes

Donnelly Rhodes, a Canadian actor who played chief medical officer Dr. Sherman Cottle on the “Battlestar Galactica” reboot,
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Henry Winkler on His ‘Barry’ Breakthrough and What The Fonz Would Be Doing Today — Turn It On Podcast

  • Indiewire
Henry Winkler on His ‘Barry’ Breakthrough and What The Fonz Would Be Doing Today — Turn It On Podcast
Henry Winkler has been acting for decades, and continues to be a household name and recognized across the globe. But he still gets giddy when he sees bus bench ads in Los Angeles and subway banners in New York with his face on them.

“It’s one of the greatest pieces of advertisement that I have been a part of in my career,” Winkler said of HBO’s “Barry” campaign. Winkler told IndieWire’s Turn It On podcast that he’s eager to get back to work on Season 2 of the show: “I’m like a horse that knows I’m going back to the barn, I’m at a gallop through the months until September.”

It’s a good time to be Henry Winkler. Beyond “Barry,” Winkler is back in his recurring role as Barry Zuckerkorn on Season 5 of “Arrested Development,” he’s an executive producer on CBS’ “MacGyver
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'Not about how big your part is, it is about audience remembering you': Tamannaah to Tnm

InterviewTNM caught up with the actor between shoots for a brief chat on her upcoming films, on how she chooses her projects and on her love for dance and languages.Anjana ShekarFacebook Very few actors have been able to break through into different industries and fewer even have managed to make it big in each one of them. Tamannaah, undoubtedly, is one among the few actors who feature on this list. Born and raised in Mumbai, Tamannaah began acting at a young age of 15. Her debut in 2005 was with the Hindi film Chand Sa Roshan Chehra followed by Telugu debut in the same year with Sri. Her foray into Tamil was with Kedi in 2006. The star in her, however, was recognised only in 2007 with Shekar Kammula’s Happy Days in Telugu and Balaji Sakthivel’s Kalloori in Tamil. 13 years since her debut, Tamannaah has featured in over 45 titles and has an interesting mix of films this year. The songs from her upcoming Naa Nuvve have been well received by fans and Tamannaah is gearing up for more releases this year. Tnm caught up with the actor between shoots for a brief chat on her upcoming films, on how she chooses her projects and on her love for dance and languages. On her films Tamannaah has an exciting line-up of films this year - Naa Nuvve in Telugu, Kanne Kalaimaane alongside Udhayanidhi Stalin in Tamil, remake of the award-winning Hindi film Queen titled That is Mahalakshmi in Telugu, Kunal Kohli’s first Telugu directorial, multi-starrer Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, Anil Ravipudi’s F2 and Chakri Toleti’s Khamoshi (reprisal of Nayanthara’s Kolayuthir Kaalam) in Hindi. From playing the protagonist in Queen remake to doing a crucial part alongside big names in Sye Raa, it seems she may have carefully chosen projects that’ll help her stay away from being typecast. “I am teaming up with director Seenu Ramasamy after Dharma Durai in Kanne Kalaimaane and this has a stronger character than what I played in Dharma Durai. Now, in the time that we’re in, I also feel more number of good, female-oriented roles are being made,” says Tamannaah. Tamannaah is also not the one to shy away from doing small roles. While her role in Baahubali: The Beginning won her awards, including a nomination for the 42nd Saturn Awards, the actor had a very small part to play in Baahubali: The Conclusion. Tamannaah explains that films being made in parts follow a whole different format. “Baahubali is a big story with many characters, culminating in part 2. It is not a typical hero-heroine story. I felt very happy being a part of it and it wasn’t disappointing at all,” she adds. Her upcoming films too are a diverse mix - for instance, Khamoshi is a reprisal project with a strong female-centric lead and its Tamil version will be helmed by Nayanthara and Sye Raa is a multi-starrer with big names from the industry on board. The star shares that the important thing is to make sure her character makes an impact. “It is not about how big your part is. It is how much of your character is remembered by audiences,” she says. She goes on to add that she loves doing commercial films. “I don’t believe in films made for art. I think everyone should be able to watch a film. In that sense, I love doing commercial films that are accessible for everyone.” Item numbers and female-centric films Tamannaah has a good number of strong female roles to her credit. From playing the simple and naive Shobhana in Kalloorri, the free-spirited Anjali in Kanden Kadhalai, the feisty Avanthika in Baahubali to the strong Subhashini in Dharma Durai, she has been seen in a variety of roles that have challenged her caliber as an actor. However, she has also appeared in a good number of item songs, like Bachelor Babu in Speedunnodu, Mandara Thailam in Jaguar, etc. Do they ever clash with her ideology? “It is not female-centric roles as opposed to item numbers. I enjoy that fact that we can also do glamorous roles. To look glamorous is also playing a part. Everyone likes to look at someone who’s pretty. Looking good is important. There is nothing to feel shy about it,” she says adding, “I enjoy dancing and when I get an opportunity to do an item number I take it up with the same enthusiasm as I would for a female-centric role.” On her flair for languages In the industry and outside, Tamannaah has been appreciated for her knack in picking up new tongues. The actor has been lauded, since the very beginning, for her ability to mouth lines perfectly. Tamannaah dubbed for herself in Telugu in Oopiri and in Hindi for Baahubali. “While it is important to know the language, there are those who have survived without knowing it at all and that in itself is an art. I also believe learning a language gives you a good insight into the region's people and their culture,” she shares. Tamannaah also adds that learning a language has helped her express differently. “The accents, pauses - everything is different when you know a language,” she says. On pay parity and sexual harassment Tamannaah is known for her diplomacy and this comes through in her responses sometimes. While she agrees that the industry needs to address the disparity in payment, she also adds that such numbers are decided by the market. “We may have stronger female scripts now but when it comes to payment, it depends on the individual actor’s stand in the market. But I do hope the huge pay gap between male and female stars gets smaller in the future,” says Tamannaah. On sexual harassment in the industry, Tamannaah has maintained that not having experienced it herself, she has nothing to add. “But if someone has experienced it, they are open to talk about it. It is based on individual experiences.” While Tamannaah dabbles in Tollywood, Kollywood and Bollywood the actor shares her hopes of entering Mollywood and Sandalwood sometime in the future. “It is all about making good content. Today, theatre is not the only form of entertainment for people. It’s all about churning out interesting content,” she finishes. Also Read: Women’s Food Court in Thrissur is empowering these women, one entrepreneur at a time
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10 Facts About The Karate Kid Part II You Never Knew

10 Facts About The Karate Kid Part II You Never Knew
This is how you make a sequel! The Karate Kid Part II took the hero and the relationship we loved from the first movie in a new environment, deepening the mythology, with heavy helpings of romance, mystery, and even higher stakes. Today, we're takig a look at 10 things you never knew about The Karate Kid Part II.

The end is the beginning.

The Karate Kid Part II picks up right where the first movie left off, in the aftermath of Daniel Larusso's improbable victory at the All Valley Karate Championship. Mister Miyagi saves Johnny Lawrence and the Cobra Kai students from their sensei, the world's sorest loser. If this intro feels like it was sliced right out of the first movie, that's because it basically was, at least from the script. Kreese getting his comeuppance was originally intended to be the final scene of the first movie.

'Though the shower
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‘In the Envelope’ Podcast: Henry Winkler on Navigating Hollywood for Decades

“In the Envelope: An Awards Podcast” features intimate interviews with award-winning actors and other creatives. Join host and Awards Editor Jack Smart for a front row seat to the industry’s most exciting awards races, and valuable acting and career advice from contenders! Henry Winkler has been one of the most beloved presences on and off the small screen for almost half a century. As his “In the Envelope” interview makes clear, he’s as delightful as he is wise; if you’re looking for actorly inspiration, you’ve come to the right podcast. Born and raised in New York City and earning his theater training at the Yale School of Drama, Winkler eventually was launched into superstardom in Garry Marshall’s ABC sitcom “Happy Days,” where he starred for years opposite Ron Howard in the iconic role of Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, “The Fonz,” the coolest guy on TV. As he describes it,
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Ron Howard movies: 15 greatest films, ranked worst to best, include ‘Apollo 13,’ ‘Splash,’ ‘A Beautiful Mind’

  • Gold Derby
Ron Howard movies: 15 greatest films, ranked worst to best, include ‘Apollo 13,’ ‘Splash,’ ‘A Beautiful Mind’
Sometimes it feels like Ron Howard has been around forever. Although the actor/director is in his 60’s, he’s been a star in TV and movies for over 55 years. From his early days playing Andy Griffith‘s son Opie on “The Andy Griffith Show” to his directing of the latest “Star Wars” story, “Solo,” the unassuming Howard still finds himself the center of attention.

Now primarily known as a director, Howard has won two Academy Awards — for producing and directing 2001’s Best Picture winner “A Beautiful Mind” starring Russell Crowe — and has two more nominations to his credit for producing and directing 2008 nominee “Frost/Nixon” starring Michael Sheen and Frank Langella.

With “Solo” in theaters, let’s take a photo gallery tour of his 15 greatest feature films, ranked from worst to best. Keep in mind that our gallery strictly focuses on his directing career and leaves out his terrific work as an actor in movies.
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All 26 Ron Howard Movies Ranked, From Worst to Best (Photos)

  • The Wrap
All 26 Ron Howard Movies Ranked, From Worst to Best (Photos)
Ron Howard grew up in front of the camera, but he came of age as an artist behind it. The actor-turned-filmmaker has directed well over 20 movies throughout his career, taking an unostentatious approach to popcorn flicks and prestige pictures alike. With Inferno out this week, here’s a look back at the good, the bad, and The Dilemma.

24.) The Dilemma: What at first appears to be Howard’ attempt at a Woody Allen-style film about crisscrossing relationships gradually instead turns out to be an inert romantic dramedy. Vince Vaughn and especially Kevin James are taken well beyond their comfort zones, but Winona Ryder and Jennifer Connelly acquit themselves about as well as possible. Howard’s style isn’t as instantly identifiable as someone like Tarantino, but The Dilemma barely even feels like it was made by him.

23.) How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Dr. Seuss has rarely translated well onscreen,
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What the Laverne and Shirley Cast is Up to Today

By the time the third season of the show came about, Laverne and Shirley had already become the most watched American sitcom program during that time. There was truly something unique about the Happy Days sitcom that resonated with audiences everywhere. Maybe it was the type of comedy it offered; maybe it was just the chemistry between the two friends, Laverne and Shirley; maybe it was the way they interacted with their neighbors and friends. Whatever it may be, Laverne and Shirley was a warm and naturally funny show, and it drew the hearts of many viewers in the eight

What the Laverne and Shirley Cast is Up to Today
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10 Things About The Karate Kid You Never Knew

10 Things About The Karate Kid You Never Knew
Wax on. Wax off. Sweep the Leg, Johnny! Get him a body bag! It's one of the most quotable films from the 1980s and that's really saying something. The Karate Kid launched a franchise, with its positive message about empowerment and friendship. Here we'll take a look at 10 things you never knew about The Karate Kid.

The Comic Book Karate Kid

DC Comics actually owned the name "Karate Kid," thanks to their little known hero of the same name, who was part of the Legion of Superheroes. The comic book giant was kind enough to lend the studio their permission to use the title. At the end of the credits, there's a special thank you to DC Comics for letting them use it.

Casting Daniel-san

Ralph Macchio was already 22 when he was cast as The Karate Kid, a blue-collar boy from the East Coast suddenly navigating the social circles of a Southern California high school.
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Henry Winkler reveals reading the script for ‘Barry’ was ‘like reading cashmere’ [Exclusive Video Interview]

  • Gold Derby
Henry Winkler reveals reading the script for ‘Barry’ was ‘like reading cashmere’ [Exclusive Video Interview]
“When I read the script, it was like reading cashmere, instead of a cotton blend, which so many scripts are,” reveals Henry Winkler in our exclusive webcam interview (watch the video above). In HBO’s ‘Barry,” the veteran actor plays Gene Cousineau, a down on his luck acting coach of a group of wannabe actors including part-time hitman Barry, played by leading man and co-creator Bill Hader.

Winkler says he had plenty of inspiration for Gene when working out how to play him, admitting that he has “had very good, and very bad teachers.” He adds, “They say that if you can’t do, teach. And for Gene, if you lose a commercial to a gecko, you should teach. Somewhere deep down, he loves his students. What I heard, and didn’t know at first, but what I heard from Bill [Hader] and Alec [Berg] the creators, is that they wrote him meaner.
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Harrison Ford a No-Show at 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Premiere

  • TMZ
Harrison Ford not showing up to the "Solo: A Star Wars Story" premiere would be like Ron Howard not showing up to anything remotely related to "Happy Days" ... so it begs the question -- where the heck was Harrison? The entire cast and crew -- including Alden EhrenreichDonald Glover and Emilia Clarke -- were at the premiere Thursday in Hollywood. Not there, in an obvious way is Harrison, who burst to stardom after playing
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George Lucas Wrote a Solo Joke, But Did It Make the Cut?

George Lucas Wrote a Solo Joke, But Did It Make the Cut?
Last night, ahead of Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you), Solo director Ron Howard appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where he revealed a rather interesting anecdote. Colbert showed off a photo of Howard and George Lucas on the Solo set, and when asked what it was like to have the creator of the Star Wars universe there as he directed, Howard revealed that Lucas offered up a joke that may actually make it into the movie. Here's what Ron Howard had to say below.

"Everybody's jaws drop, it's like snapping to attention. He doesn't spend time around these movies now. He's really, more or less, handed it off. He's busy building museums and he's very philanthropic, educational programs mean a lot to him. Because we're friends, we've remained friends, so, to me, it was an incredible show of support and respect and it meant
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Emmy spotlight: Henry Winkler (‘Barry’) could finally win 42 years after first nomination for ‘Happy Days’

Emmy spotlight: Henry Winkler (‘Barry’) could finally win 42 years after first nomination for ‘Happy Days’
Henry Winkler has lost all five of his Emmy bids to date but that losing streak could finally be over as he’s earning rave reviews for his scene-stealing role on the new comedy “Barry.” Bill Hader plays Barry Berkman, an ex-marine turned hitman who, desperate for a break following his most recent job, is sent off to Los Angeles. There he unexpectedly finds comfort and acceptance among the local theatre community. He takes an acting class taught by Gene Cousineau (Winkler), who initially thinks Barry is a dreadful actor but is later won over by his all-too-convincing declaration that he is a killer.

As Maureen Ryan of Variety observed, “Winkler, among others, is good at peeling back the pompous and self-absorbed layers of his character to find the truthful artist inside — and, whatever his flaws, he gets Barry and others to do the same.” Also singing the actor’s
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Henry Winkler Auditions to Play Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen

Casting for the imaginary biopic about the Trump administration continues — this time with Henry Winkler as Michael Cohen.

Stephen Colbert made the suggestion on Wednesday's The Late Show, and as soon as the Barry and Happy Days star held up a photo of Cohen next to his face, he entered into audition-mode.

"Let me just tell you something right now," Winkler said in a deeper, raspy voice. "I am wearing a gun on my ankle."

Winkler brought Colbert's face closer, telling him that he'll take care of "it," followed by a reference to the payment Cohen gave porn star Stormy...
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Inidhu Inidhu director to direct a film after 8 years with this leading hero

Popular cinematographer turned director Kv Guhan will soon be directing a Telugu film starring Ntr's elder brother Kalyan Ram. Kv Guhan made his directorial debut with Inidhu Inidhu, the Tamil remake of Telugu film Happy Days. Now after 8 years, Kv Guhan is planning to wear the directorial hat again.

Nivetha Thomas and Shalini Pandey will be playing the female leads in the film movie produced by East Coast Prdctns. A formal launch pooja is expected to happen on April 25 at Ramanaidu Studios.

Ron Howard Reveals the ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Character Played by Clint Howard

Ron Howard Reveals the ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Character Played by Clint Howard
Ron Howard grew up in show business. Not only was he a child star appearing in movies alongside his father Rance Howard, but he made a name for himself throughout his childhood, adolescence and early adult years as the co-star on shows like The Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days, not to mention films like […]

The post Ron Howard Reveals the ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Character Played by Clint Howard appeared first on /Film.
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TVLine's Performer of the Week: Homeland's Amy Hargreaves

TVLine's Performer of the Week: Homeland's Amy Hargreaves
The Performer | Amy Hargreaves

The Show | Homeland

The Episode | “Clarity” (April 14, 2018)

The Performance | For seven seasons, the fraught relationship between Carrie Mathison and sister Maggie has been simmering on Homeland‘s backburner. But in Sunday’s pivotal episode, their sibling rivalry came to a heartbreaking head as the two battled for custody of Carrie’s daughter Franny. And, wow, did Hargreaves come prepared for war.

Hargreaves has always infused Maggie with a quiet moral superiority. And, to be fair, when it comes to Franny’s best interests, she is almost always in the right. But after clearly, confidently, methodically answering
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