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6 Jan. 1981
If You Knew Rosa
Al gets some answers and a second chance to win the heart of Rosa Coletti twenty years after she left him for a tie salesman.
13 Jan. 1981
The Sixth Sense
When the money he was saving to buy a new motorcycle is stolen, Fonzie instinctively suspects Al's shady new cook, Frankie.
27 Jan. 1981
It Only Hurts When I Smile
Superstitious Fonzie would rather suffer from a toothache than admit he's afraid he may lose his cool-ness if the dentist should pull the tooth, until his pain interferes with his favorite past-time...kissing pretty girls!
3 Feb. 1981
Welcome to My Nightmare
After a trying day of doing favors for friends and an encounter with a blood-bank doctor, an under-the-weather Fonzie falls asleep on the Cunningham's couch while watching a horror movie and feverishly dreams that a mad scientist is after what makes him the Fonz...his cool!
10 Feb. 1981
Broadway It's Not
Jealous Chachi sees red when girlfriend Joanie spends too much time practicing her kissing with co-star Granville Clark, the handsome actor hired to play the lead in the high-school musical.
17 Feb. 1981
Bride and Gloom
Dressed as a bride and groom at the Jefferson High masquerade party held aboard a boat cruising Lake Michigan, Jennie Piccolo and Fonzie both say "I Do" in a wedding skit performed by their drunk host, Captain Singer, unaware that a ceremony performed at sea by a bona fide ship's captain may be the real deal.
24 Feb. 1981
Hello, Mrs. Arcola
Under pressure from cousin Fonzie, Chachi invites Joanie and her parents to his house for dinner to meet his mother, but worries that his eccentric family will embarrass him in front of the Cunninghams.
3 Mar. 1981
Fonzie Gets Shot
During a week-end at Potsie's uncle's hunting cabin, Fonzie is accidentally shot in the vicinity of his favorite jeans' back pocket; but accounts of the incident vary when the guys tell their stories to a small-town sheriff while the Fonz is treated in the local hospital's emergency room.
17 Mar. 1981
Potsie on His Own
Potsie pressures Lori Beth for a date with her sophisticated roommate and gets an embarrassing job to pay his rent; Fonzie joins the Big Brother program and enlists Howard's help for "little brother" Joey's best-friend dilemma.
7 Apr. 1981
Tall Story
Roger and Chachi are thrilled when a star basketball player transfers to Jefferson High and joins the team. But the excitement changes to deep concern when the talented player leaves practice on his father's orders without offering the explanation - which Roger soon finds out - that he suffers from epilepsy.
14 Apr. 1981
A major university offers basketball star (but academic non-standout) Chachi a scholarship to attend their school. Fonzie is excited, but Roger and Howard not only fail to show the same enthusiasm, they become suspicious at the college's academic background.
5 May 1981
R.C. and L.B. Forever
The Fonz stands in for his best friend when the Cunninghams and the rest of the gang arrange a wedding by proxy for Lori Beth and Richie after Army red tape tangles the couple's efforts to get the bride-to-be to Greenland.
12 May 1981
Howard's Bowling Buddy
While wife Marion recovers at home from a back injury, Howard Cunningham's temporary bowling partner, attractive, blonde Fern "Feel Good" Flagg, targets the staunch family man as her next good time.
19 May 1981
Mother and Child Reunion
Fonzie believes that a waitress named Angela may be the mother who left him when he was four.
26 May 1981
American Musical
Struggling to write a school essay on America's immigrant history, Chachi is inspired by Fonzie's colorful story told to the tune of an imagined melting pot melody.
6 Oct. 1981
Home Movies: Part 1
Joanie prepares a narrated home movie to send to big brother Richie's overseas army base to bring him up to speed on the gang's summer activities, her break-up with Chachi and Fonzie's reunion with his old gang, the Falcons.
6 Oct. 1981
Home Movies: Part 2
Originally 2nd half in first airing,"continued" episodes in re-runs): Fonzie,after being called "normal" by a woman he's dating,is re-uniting with his old gang and they're confronted by rival gang "The Warmongers" at Arnolds to settle an old score. Meanwhile, Joanie is avoiding Chachi after discovering he had spent time with a girl at the lake while she was working there that evening. Lori Beth has revealed to everyone that,on her last visit to Richie in Greenland,has become pregnant with their 1st baby. Howard,learning that he's going to be a "grand-father" becomes ...
13 Oct. 1981
Not with My Mother, You Don't
Chachi gets angry when he finds out he's the last one to know that his mother has started dating a doctor.
27 Oct. 1981
Another Night at Antoine's
Joanie is furious because Chachi likes to date other girls, so she gets her revenge by dating a college man.
3 Nov. 1981
Little Baby Cunningham
Fonzie happily agrees to be Lori Beth's natural childbirth coach in husband Richie's absence until he finds out that he'll also have to go into the delivery room with her.
10 Nov. 1981
The Other Guy
Misunderstanding rules the day when Roger discovers why pretty Mona Hildebrand won't date him, Marion uncovers one of hubby Howard's carefully kept courting secrets and Joanie gets flowers from a mystery man.
17 Nov. 1981
Fonzie the Substitute
Coach Phillips's job is jeopardized after his hygiene class students fool substitute teacher Fonzie into instructing them in sex education instead of mouth care.
24 Nov. 1981
Just a Piccalo
Joanie regrets agreeing to join a popular girls' club with friend Jenny Piccalo when the snobby club officers try to keep Jenny from passing the initiation ritual by altering it to include stealing a park statue.
1 Dec. 1981
No, Thank You.
Even with his famous charm dialed to red-hot, Fonzie can't persuade pretty teacher, Gloria McInerney, to go out with him and is floored when he finds out why.
8 Dec. 1981
Baby, It's Cold Inside
While her parents week-end in New York and sister-in-law Lori Beth flies to visit faraway husband Richie, Joanie Cunningham must prove more than her babysitting mettle when she is challenged with both a sick baby nephew and a broken furnace.
15 Dec. 1981
Hello, Tough Guy
Chachi and Joanie go to the Fonz for advice on how to turn nerdy Eugene Melman into the type of guy Jenny Piccalo would want to date.

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