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16 Jan. 1979
Smokin' Ain't Cool
New member Joanie Cunningham worries that the Magnets, the coolest girl's club in school, will dump her if she doesn't smoke cigarettes like the rest of them.
23 Jan. 1979
Ralph vs. Potsie
Richie Cunningham anonymously takes over for absent advice columnist, Aunt Fanny, and innocently sews the seeds of disaster when he answers a letter from feuding roommates, Ralph and Potsie.
2 Feb. 1979
Stolen Melodies
The Fonz makes an appearance on popular dance show "National Sock Hop" to accuse host Skip Oliver of stealing Leather Tuscadero's new song," Moonlight Love", from her audition tape and giving it to not-so-hot rockers, Freddie and the Red Hots, to jump-start the band's stalled career.
6 Feb. 1979
Married Strangers
The Cunningham kids send squabbling Marion and Howard off to celebrate their 23rd anniversary at the lakeside hotel where they honeymooned, hoping happy memories will rekindle their parents' romance.
13 Feb. 1979
Marion: Fairy Godmother
Tough-girl rocker, Leather Tuscadero, and corny Ralph Malph both try on new personalities along with their formal attire when they go to his college's military ball together.
20 Feb. 1979
Fonzie's Funeral: Part 1
Richie gets a call from Fonzie to see him at his garage. When Richie arrives he finds Fonzie finishing up repairs on a hearse - in whose casket is contained thousands of dollars in counterfeit money. Fonzie recognizes the funeral home that owns the hearse is a front for illegal movement of counterfeit money, and Richie tells him to call the police. Fonzie, however, decides that to avoid suspicion from the funeral home he'll return the hearse as if nothing is wrong. Later that day, however, when Fonzie is not seen anywhere, Richie grows concerned, and he takes Postie ...
27 Feb. 1979
Fonzie's Funeral: Part 2
Fonzie survives the explosion at his garage and now it's up to him and Richie and The Cunninghams to save Raplh & Potsie and foil The Candyman...by letting him think the Fonz perished.
6 Mar. 1979
Mork Returns
Mischievous Mork from Ork takes a break from earth year 1979, where he has been assigned to observe humanity, to visit 1950's Richie Cunningham, get a dose of humdrum and learn about relationships.
13 Mar. 1979
The Duel
Hot-headed Richie challenges an arrogant French fencing champion to a duel after the visiting swordsman insults sister and country.
8 May 1979
Chachi's Incredo Wax
Richie's band hunts for a piano player, Howard and Marion practice their bridge signals, and Fonzi plans a sting on the shyster who duped Chachi into selling a miracle wax that soon destroys what it shines.
15 May 1979
Potsie Quits School
When his bike's brakes fail, Fonzie stops with his feet and ruins his boots; Potsie drops out of college after an anatomy professor intimidates him in front of the whole class.
11 Sep. 1979
Shotgun Wedding: Part 1
Richie and Fonzie take a break from a Cunningham camp-out at Lake Pinewood to visit two pretty maids on a nearby dairy farm, taking care to avoid their over-protective father... and his shotgun!
18 Sep. 1979
Chachi Sells His Soul
Chachi gets more than he bargained for when he sells his soul to the devil's nephew and the Fonz must make a drastic deal of his own to save his cursed cousin.
25 Sep. 1979
Fonzie Meets Kat
Fonzie promises the good Father Delvecchio (Al's twin brother) that he'll go one day without fighting. This, when a former rival, Rico, shows up in town with his merchant seamen crew and a mystery woman named Kat Mandu.
2 Oct. 1979
Marion Goes to Jail
After Howard loses his temper and blasts her for forgetting to set the emergency brake and wrecking the car, Marion Cunningham opts for jail-time instead of a traffic fine to prove to her husband that she can be responsible for her actions.
9 Oct. 1979
Richie's Job
Fonzie's coaching helps Richie ace his interview at the Milwaukee Journal but doesn't prepare him for the reality of starting at the bottom of the job ladder.
23 Oct. 1979
Richie Falls in Love
Embarrassed when girlfriend Lori Beth makes him wear a silly Humpty Dumpty costume for the Homecoming Parade, unhappy Richie Cunningham storms off to a bar for a root beer and is swept off his feet by a sophisticated freelance photographer he meets there, beautiful Barbara Thomas.
30 Oct. 1979
Fonzie's a Thespian
Richie worries about how to write an unbiased review of his mother's co-starring role in a local play while the Fonz defends her honor after the director makes a pass at her.
6 Nov. 1979
Howard Cunningham's chance to become the next Grand Poobah hangs in the balance after the burlesque troop he hired for a big event at his Milwaukee Leopard Lodge gets snowbound in Buffalo.
13 Nov. 1979
Joanie Busts Out
Fed up with her parents' restrictions, seventeen-year-old Joanie decides to assert her independence and secretly auditions for a modeling job with a photographer who specializes in nudes.
20 Nov. 1979
King Richard's Big Knight
Newly crowned Delta Gamma King, Richie Cunningham, loses his inhibitions and offends his friends after college bully, Bullfrog, spikes his ginger-ale just before his acceptance speech.
27 Nov. 1979
Fonzie vs. the She-Devils
Fonzie must find a way to rescue cousin Chachi from girl-gang, the She Devils, before they shave his head as punishment for dumping the gang-leader's little sister.
4 Dec. 1979
The Mechanic
Fonzie's new mechanic arrives in a wheelchair, carrying a chip on his shoulder the size of Milwaukie.
11 Dec. 1979
They're Closing Inspiration Point
The gang is stunned to find out that Howard knew about the planning commission's decision to route one of the new expressway's off-ramps right through make-out mecca, Inspiration Point.
18 Dec. 1979
Here Comes the Bride, Again
When Joanie and Richie find out their parents' first wedding was less than romantic, they decide to plan a whole new wedding for them but nothing goes as planned.

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