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3 Jan. 1978
Grandpa's Visit
Refusing to go quietly into forced retirement from the police force, Howard's visiting dad, former Detective Captain Sean Cunningham, causes upheaval in the household while struggling to define the next phase of his life.
10 Jan. 1978
Potsie Gets Pinned
Jealous Richie Cunningham bridles at Lori Beth's too-enthusiastic participation in a charity kissing booth, while unable-to-swim Potsie Weber fears that the traditional dunk in the lake following his fraternity pinning ceremony will embarrass him in front of his intended sorority pin-ee, lovely Jennifer Jerome.
17 Jan. 1978
Joanie's First Kiss
Sophomore Joanie Cunningham gets basic back-seat defense tips from Richie and Fonzie before her first "car date" with a senior boy, and then cramps her older brother's style when she and her date show up at his college "make-out" party.
24 Jan. 1978
Marion's Misgivings
When she hears that one of hubby Howard's friends divorced his middle-aged wife and married a much younger woman, Marion Cunningham fears that if she can't spice up her marriage, her fate may be the same.
31 Jan. 1978
Richie Almost Dies
What begins as a humorous escapade with a motorcycle turns into a tragic vigil for the Cunninghams and their friends. Richie purchases a motorcycle from Fonzie, but Howard angrily refuses to let him keep it, leading to a deliberately petulant tantrum from Richie to embarrass his father. But Fonzie convinces Howard that the bike is safe and Richie wears proper safety gear, so Howard reluctantly relents. Richie takes Lori Beth along one day while Fonzie is out and Chachi is repairing a truck rented by Al Potsie, and Ralph. The group is ecstatic when Chachi gets the ...
7 Feb. 1978
Spunkless Spunky
Fonzie and friends try to dig up what's depressing his faithful canine companion, Spunky, while Howard saddles Marion with a hundred pounds of potatoes to peel for his Leopard Lodge picnic's potato salad.
14 Feb. 1978
Be My Valentine
Romance and nostalgia humorously combine as the Cunninghams and their friends celebrate a merrily musical Valentine's Day.
21 Feb. 1978
Our Gang
Trying to convince Chachi that joining a gang isn't "cool", Richie recalls the time he was challenged to a street fight by the Falcon's tough gang-leader, The Fonz.
28 Feb. 1978
My Favorite Orkan
No one believes Richie's claims that he not only saw a flying saucer but personally interviewed its pilot, an alien named Mork, who tried to take him back to planet Ork as an example of an average, humdrum human.
23 Mar. 1978
Richie's Girl Exposes the Cunninghams
Richie's girlfriend, Lori Beth, finds that the Cunninghams and their friends re-define the word "typical" when she interviews them for her college term-paper on what it means to be typical, middle-class Americans.
9 May 1978
Do You Want to Dance?
Fonzie's latest romantic interest,a ballet teacher,is secretly yearning to turn professional and dance with the greats in New York. Fonzie,however,has trouble accepting that she may forgo their relationship to pursue her dreams of fame.
16 May 1978
Second Wind
Richie interrupts his summer job search to help choose a cute little meter maid from Fonzie's big black book to accompany dateless Al DelVecchio to the Sons of Italy banquet honoring him as Man of the Year.
23 May 1978
Rules to Date By
Richie and Lori Beth fight over her casual friendships with other guys on the eve of a much anticipated trip with his band to play back up for girl-group, Leather and the Suedes, at remote Blue Ox Inn.
30 May 1978
Fonzie for the Defense
Howard Cunningham and Fonzie find themselves the only members of the jury who are not ready to convict the defendant just because he rides a motorcycle.
12 Sep. 1978
Westward Ho!: Part 1
The Cunninghams and their friends go west to help run Marion's injured Uncle Ben's Colorado dude ranch, soon finding that they only have five days to pay the balance on a loan owed to nasty neighbor, H.R. Buchanan, to save it from foreclosure.
12 Sep. 1978
Westward Ho!: Part 2
Pretty wrangler, Thunder McCoy, helps the Milwaukee city slickers stage the dude ranch's annual rodeo, planning to use the proceeds from the event to pay off the loan, while H.R. Buchanan lurks on the sidelines, hoping they'll fail.
19 Sep. 1978
Westward Ho!: Part 3
With a thousand dollars still needed to save Uncle Ben's dude ranch, Joanie Cunningham has a close call in a runaway wagon and the Fonz eyes the prize for riding the rodeo's killer bull, Diablo.
26 Sep. 1978
Fonzie's Blindness
Richie tries tough love to snap the Fonz out of his self-pity after the leather-jacketed legend is blinded by a blow to the head and unexpectedly adds a new four-letter word to his vocabulary...fear.
5 Oct. 1978
Casanova Cunningham
Richie and his fellow fraternity members are required to take visiting baton twirlers to a special dance, leading Richie to have to fib to his girlfriend Lori Beth for the first time ever.
10 Oct. 1978
Kid Stuff
Fonzie's new best friend is six-year-old Bobby, son of his girlfriend Peggy, whose husband abandoned them years earlier. Wrestling demons from his own past, Fonz faces an ethical dilemma when the father returns.
17 Oct. 1978
Sweet Sixteen
A two-timing star quarterback may leave Joanie dateless for her own sweet sixteen birthday party.
24 Oct. 1978
Fearless Malph
Hypnotic suggestion during research for science editor Richie's college newspaper article leaves phobic Ralph Malph fearless.
31 Oct. 1978
The Evil Eye
Richie and his pals perform a Halloween exorcism after Al Delvecchio's right arm is cursed to do the bidding of an old witch with the evil eye.
3 Nov. 1978
The Claw Meets the Fonz
The Fonz takes on The Claw after a small-time gangster tries to take over Al's Restaurant and turn it into a bookie joint.
14 Nov. 1978
The Fonz Is Allergic to Girls
Richie tries to find the reason Fonzie seems to be allergic to girls before the celebrated chick magnet ditches dating forever.
21 Nov. 1978
The First Thanksgiving
Marion Cunningham tells a tale of the first Thanksgiving to remind her family that the Pilgrims gathered around the table for fellowship, not around the television for football.
28 Nov. 1978
The Kissing Bandit
Richie's reputation goes from respectable to racy after he's identified in a police line-up as the notorious Kissing Bandit.
5 Dec. 1978
The Magic Show
Committee co-chairmen Howard Cunningham and Al DelVecchio must somehow replace accidentally drunk magician, the Amazing Randi, star of the Leopard Lodge's annual Sunnyside Orphanage fund-raising dinner show.
12 Dec. 1978
Richie Gets Framed
Trying to save his reputation and his candidacy, Richie and his pals plan to steal the film that will soon be used to incriminate him after his sophomore class president opponent photographs him in a massage parlor.
19 Dec. 1978
Christmas Time
A cold, snowy Wisconson Christmas finds Howard Cunningham trying to convince his family to put up a new-fangled, artificial tree, and a mysterious sailor delivers a gift from Fonzie's father, forcing the Fonz to deal with his long-suppressed feelings of abandonment.

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