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Season 1

22 Jan. 1974
Get Christie Love!
A beautiful policewoman goes undercover to break up a drug ring.
18 Sep. 1974
Deadly Betrayal
In order to keep her from testifying against him, a mob boss frames Christi by making it look like she has taken a bribe.
25 Sep. 1974
Emperor of Death Street
In order to take down the city's biggest and most powerful narcotics boss, Christi goes undercover as a heroin dealer.
2 Oct. 1974
Pawn Ticket for Murder
Christie is investigating the murder of a skid-row derelict in a pawn shop. During the course of the investigation, she uncovers evidence indicating a link between the murder and the new partner who's just been assigned to her.
9 Oct. 1974
Death on Delivery
A beautiful young Bahamian woman who is a courter for a counterfeiting gang is killed at the airport. When Christie finds out that the ring has never seen this woman, she decides to impersonate her in order to get evidence against the gang and bring them down. What she doesn't know is that the woman she's impersonating is not only a courier but a contract killer, who was also supposed to murder the chief of the counterfeiting gang.
23 Oct. 1974
For the Family Honor
A mob hitman is captured after he shoots but fails to kill his boss' rival. His boss, Rico Cesari, happens to be a childhood friend of Caruso's father. Casari pressures his old friend to get his son to tell him where the hitman is being held, so he can kill him before he gives the cops any information. When that fails, he takes more severe measures.
30 Oct. 1974
Highway to Murder
Christie travels to a small country town to subpoena a witness in a murder case, but gets involved in investigating the shooting of a local police deputy being pinned on a migrant worker.
6 Nov. 1974
Fatal Image
A mid-level worker in a crime-ring which the department has under surveillance is killed. Christie is assigned the case, but also has to manage a publicist doing a story on "a day in the life of a police woman".
8 Jan. 1975
The Deadly Sport
Captain Ryan, the new by-the-books police chief takes office and he doesn't respond too well to all the press Christie has been getting lately. The dampen her spirits, the chief assigns her to recover the stolen motorcycle of a fellow officer. Christie however, is determined to bring down The Drug Store Bandit, a Vietnam sure-shot suffering from shell-shock.
29 Jan. 1975
Our Lady in London
Pete's been kidnapped and his kidnappers make him call the Captain and tell him to meet them. The one he meets with tells him that he wants the Captain to accompany him to London. Evidently he is transporting something. Christie finds out and gets on the flight they're on and poses as a flight attendant.
5 Feb. 1975
Murder on High C
To express his outrage, an anti-violence protester plants explosives around Los Angeles while leaving audio cassettes with riddles as clues to his next target. Christie gets hot on the case as the bomber sets his sights on a violin concerto.
19 Feb. 1975
The Big Rematch
Christie and her partner are assigned security detail on a celebrity battle of the sexes tennis match. The match promoter owes a local loan shark a debt equal to the amount of the prize money, $250K and arranges for the shark to steal the prize money. The loan shark ends up dead and the prize money is missing so Christie must find out who the culprit is.
12 Mar. 1975
A High Fashion Heist
Christie thinks one of three models, including her close friend stole a fortune in jewels during a fashion show.
26 Mar. 1975
A Few Excess People
A local chemical company is robbed of some inventory and employee is under suspicion. Meanwhile, Christie's partner's meddling uncle drags them further into the investigation than they plan to go.
4 Apr. 1975
I'm Your New Neighbor
A young woman who recently moved next door to Christie is attacked and then mysteriously disappears.

 Season 1 

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