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Season 18

4 Jan. 1991
Caprese in der Stadt
Boss Caprese is insistent on having his granddaughter live with him in Sicily.
1 Feb. 1991
Gefährlicher Weg durch die Nacht
Benno witnesses an attempted murder. The victim asks to be taken to the telephone. After finishing the call he gives his suitcase to Benno and tells him to run with it.
15 Mar. 1991
Das Penthaus
A young lady goes to park her car properly. On her way back up, someone strangles her in the elevator.
26 Apr. 1991
Wer bist du, Vater?
Arthur Hauser calls the police to report a brutal murder. Soon after that he is found in his hotel room, stabbed to death.
31 May 1991
Verlorene Würde
The police suspects that a junkie couple has witnessed the murder of a cop.
28 Jun. 1991
Offener Fall
Walter Bolitz, a heavy drinker, meets an old acquaintance who has received a heap of money. He has been hired to commit murder and he wants to share some of his pay.
19 Jul. 1991
Der Tote spielt fast keine Rolle
Mr. Kaminski can really throw a party. One night, when he sends a lady up to his hotel suite, planning to follow her soon, there is a corpse lying in the bathroom.
9 Aug. 1991
Störungen in der Lust zu leben
Two men aggressively negotiate with Mr. Dustler about the sale of his restaurant.
20 Sep. 1991
Ein Tod auf dem Hinterhof
A young prostitute is stabbed to death in the backyard between the brothel and her favorite bar. A crime fiction author is interested in the case.
18 Oct. 1991
Der Schrei
Simon Krüger is released from prison after ten years. He had confessed the shooting of a man during a robbery, but he never revealed his accomplice.
29 Nov. 1991
Das Lächeln des Dr. Bloch
Dr. Bloch's wife commits suicide by crashing her car into a concrete pillar. Dr. Bloch thinks he knows the culprit and ranks him no higher than a murderer.
20 Dec. 1991
Isoldes tote Freunde
Isolde is an excellent piano student in a family of mediocre talent. But playing the piano is not the only thing she wants from her life - and apparently someone can't handle that.

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