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Season 17

5 Jan. 1990
Kein Ende in Wohlgefallen
A photograph model commits suicide after leaving her goodbye message in her brother's answering machine.
2 Feb. 1990
Tödliches Patent
Birgit needs a job and gets hired too. She is to make friends with the patent office director. Unknowingly she becomes an accessory to a diabolical plan.
9 Mar. 1990
Judith Loska, a successful pianist, is on tour in New York. Her daughter calls her in fear of death. Someone is threatening to kill her. Judith takes the first plane back but the worst has already happened.
20 Apr. 1990
Tossners Ende
Tossner, a greedy real-estate developer, evicts families from their homes. In one case, a young kid jumps to death from a window. His teacher takes the case personally.
25 May 1990
Mrs. Rosen takes groceries to Mr. Mallina and finds him murdered in his apartment. He was supposed to pick an old acquaintance from the railway station later that day. Meanwhile at the station, a young man is asked to carry a suitcase past the inspection.
8 Jun. 1990
Der Einzelgänger
Ingo and Peter are undercover cops, investigating suspicious activity in a shady bar. Peter gets hired on a gig to drive a lorry, and turns up dead a couple days later. Ingo decides to investigate the case on his own.
20 Jul. 1990
Des Menschen Feind
A homeless woman is found strangled to death, on a seat at the railway station. The investigators learn that she had lately received money from a fading film star.
17 Aug. 1990
Tod am Waldrand
A student of a dancing school is found dead in the forest on her way home. A mentally challenged man is seen with her bicycle. Meanwhile, Derrick is not in his best health and must stay aside as Harry and Willi investigate.
14 Sep. 1990
Abgründe der Gefühle
Mr. Lickmann, a waiter, is assaulted on his way home, not far from the restaurant. Dr. Schöne appears on the scene shortly before the police and declares Mr. Lickmann dead.
12 Oct. 1990
Der Augenblick der Wahrheit
Two men abduct a bank manager from his home and use him to get to the money.
9 Nov. 1990
Beziehung abgebrochen
Mrs. Reichel commits adultery with one of her husband's students.
14 Dec. 1990
Solo für Vier
Three men and a lady, who live in a pension house, have a plan to acquire money to restore some class to the rest of their lives.

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