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Season 4

16 Sep. 1977
Who's Been Sleeping in My Car?
A 12 year old stowaway becomes the new Chico for The Man.
23 Sep. 1977
Su Casa, Mi Casa?
Ed finds out that Raul is an orphan.
30 Sep. 1977
Take Me, I'm Yours
A social worker arrives with an application for Ed to adopt Raul.
14 Oct. 1977
The Third Letter
Ed needs three letters of reference in order to process his application to adopt Raul.
21 Oct. 1977
The Bed
Raul trades away Ed's old mattress, with $712 hidden inside.
4 Nov. 1977
A Matter of Privacy
A lesson about eavesdropping leads to Ed opening a package addressed to Raul.
11 Nov. 1977
The Proposal
Ed and Della get so blitzed on holiday punch that he actually proposes marriage, and she accepts.
18 Nov. 1977
Aunt Charo
Raul's multi talented Aunt Charo arrives from Spain, willing to tutor him to follow in her footsteps as a musician.
2 Dec. 1977
Charo Takes Over
Charo plays flamenco guitar, Raul plays marimbas, Ed tap dances in a recreation of his vaudeville act.
9 Dec. 1977
Ed the Hero
A class essay written by Raul makes everybody believe that grouchy Ed Brown is a saint.
30 Dec. 1977
Ed's Team
Ed sponsors a boys' basketball team for Raul.
20 Jan. 1978
Raul Runs Away: Part 1
Raul discovers Chico's belongings, which had been stored in the van where he lived. Ed finds out when he overhears a guitar playing. In anger, Ed -- still having trouble coming to terms with Chico's death months earlier -- shoos Raul from the van and smashes the guitar in anger. Raul takes this as a cue that Ed hates him and he runs away.
20 Jan. 1978
Raul Runs Away: Part 2
Ed, deeply regretting his words that led Raul to run away, forms a search party to search for the young lad. Everyone later suspects Raul may have returned to Tijuana, Mexico, to search for his family. Acting on the tip, Ed eventually finds Raul in an old church, leading to a reunion. Ed apologizes and explains that Chico had died (though not how), and Raul agrees to go home.
27 Jan. 1978
Charo and the Matador
Charo's longtime fiancée arrives to claim his bride, after a passage of some 30 years.
2 Jun. 1978
A New Girl in Town
Ed Brown's garage has a new tenant in teenage runaway Monica, come to Hollywood to seek fame and fortune.
9 Jun. 1978
Ed Brown's Car Wash
Monica opens a car wash with four girls in Ed's garage.
30 Jun. 1978
Della and Son
Della wants her footloose son to become her partner in the catering business.
7 Jul. 1978
Help Wanted
Monica gets a job at a seedy joint and Ed protests.
14 Jul. 1978
The Peeping Tom
Ed is accused of being a peeping tom.
21 Jul. 1978
The Hot Rock
Ed plans to make a fortune by getting his kidney stone removed.
Waiting for Chongo
Monica's hitchhiking brings a group of bikers to the garage with their leader Chongo.
Buenas Dias, Mr. President
Ed becomes worried when the President is supposedly going to visit the garage and the Secret Servicemen are going to do security checks.

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