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10 Feb. 1974
The Tree
Shortly after moving back to Iowa George learns that a stately tree, planted by his ancestors, is to be removed. George leads the fight to save the landmark and have the motel built elsewhere.
17 Feb. 1974
The Musician
George Apple is hired by Frank Thomas to design a gym to aid his severely injured son in his recovery. But in the course of working with the Thomas family George learns the boy is not interested in being the star athletes his father envisions.
24 Feb. 1974
The Zoo
The Apples discover a menagerie of animals in a roadside zoo kept in abysmal conditions. Cathy is particularly upset and George impulsively decides to take the wild creatures home. But the family soon learns how unworkable that is.
3 Mar. 1974
The Teacher
The Apples intend to hire a housekeeper but due to a mixup hire George's former French teacher instead. Mrs. Perry shows up expecting to teach the family a foreign language but imparts a more valuable instead.
24 Mar. 1974
The Coach
When high school basketball team hasn't been winning as it use to, some of school board members feel that the coach who's been there for a long time is no longer up to the task. So they decide to bring in a new coach. However Apple doesn't believe it's the coach's fault and tries to back him up.
21 Apr. 1974
The Applicant
When a longtime employee is passed over for a promotion Barbara think the woman has been discriminated against. She decides to protest. George tries his hand at selling perfume.
28 Apr. 1974
The Pen Pal
Patricia finds out her pen pal in Greece is handicapped. After sharing the details with her family her father George organizes an fundraising effort for an operation that will help the young girl recover.
5 May 1974
The Accident
George is on a crusade to have an traffic signal installed at a dangerous intersection. The matter becomes personalized when one of the Apple sons is seriously injured at the site.
19 May 1974
The Lamb
Steven is excited about his 4-H project which involves taking care of a young sheep. But when it's time to sell the animal Steven is distraught and George must help him through the realities of farm life.

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