The Wicker Man (1973) Poster

Edward Woodward: Sergeant Howie



  • Sergeant Howie : What religion can they possibly be learning jumping over bonfires?

    Lord Summerisle : Parthenogenesis.

    Sergeant Howie : What?

    Lord Summerisle : Literally, as Miss Rose would doubtless say in her assiduous way, reproduction without sexual union.

    Sergeant Howie : Oh, what is all this? I mean, you've got fake biology, fake religion... Sir, have these children never heard of Jesus?

    Lord Summerisle : Himself the son of a virgin, impregnated, I believe, by a ghost...

  • Sergeant Howie : Your lordship seems strangely... unconcerned.

    Lord Summerisle : Well I'm confident your suspicions are wrong, Sergeant. We don't commit murder here. We're a deeply religious people.

    Sergeant Howie : Religious? With ruined churches, no ministers, no priests... and children dancing naked!

    Lord Summerisle : They do love their divinity lessons.

    Sergeant Howie : [outraged]  But they are... are *naked*!

    Lord Summerisle : Naturally! It's much too dangerous to jump through the fire with your clothes on!

  • Sergeant Howie : I believe in the life eternal, as promised to us by our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    Lord Summerisle : That is good. For believing what you do, we confer upon you a rare gift, these days - a martyr's death.

  • Sergeant Howie : And what of the TRUE God? Whose glory, churches and monasteries have been built on these islands for generations past? Now sir, what of him?

    Lord Summerisle : He's dead. Can't complain, had his chance and in modern parlance, blew it.

  • Sergeant Howie : Don't you see that killing me is not going to bring back your apples?

  • Sergeant Howie : [upon seeing the Wicker Man for the first time]  O, God! O, Jesus Christ!

  • May Morrison : Can I do anything for you, Sergeant?

    Sergeant Howie : No, I doubt it, seeing you're all raving mad!

  • Daisy Pringle : The little old beetle goes 'round and 'round. Always the same way, y'see, until it ends up right up tight to the nail. Poor old thing!

    Sergeant Howie : 'Poor old thing'? Then why in God's name do you do it, girl?

  • Sergeant Howie : If the crops fail, Summerisle, next year your people will kill you on May Day.

    Lord Summerisle : [Shaken]  They will not fail!

  • [outside, several young girls are dancing naked over a fire] 

    Lord Summerisle : Good afternoon, Sergeant Howie. I trust the sight of the young people refreshes you.

    Sergeant Howie : No sir, it does NOT refresh me.

  • Sergeant Howie : You are despicable little liars!

  • [first lines] 

    Sergeant Howie : [yelling]  Will you send a dinghy, please?

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