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Not Available on DVD: Blood And Lace

The shocking 1971 thriller Blood And Lace (not to be confused with Mario Bava’s similarly titled Blood And Black Lace from 1964) opens with a bloody hammer murder shot from the point of view of the killer that predates an almost identical opening to John Carpenter’s Halloween by 6 years. The plot of Blood And Lace involves murder, pedophilia, incest, and a freezer full of child corpses. And it was rated PG! (more accurately Gp, the 1971 equivalent). An irresistible mix of bad psychodrama, overacting, and gratuitous gore, Blood And Lace is a disturbing film of genuine misanthropy, bereft of humanity on any level and it’s hard to believe that children in 1971 were allowed into movie theatres showing it. It’s also hard to believe that it is Not available on DVD.

The victim of Blood And Lace’s aforementioned hammer attack was village hooker Edna Masters, leaving her troubled teenage
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