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Well, I liked it anyway
leelee-hayward28 December 2002
TV movies don't often stretch the imagination too far but, as TV entertainment goes, I remember this one as being fairly thought-provoking. I'll watch anything with Leslie Nielsen in it, of course, but the whole cast in this one were worth tuning in for, weren't they?

Recognisable faces, what more could you ask for in a TV movie?? I'd like to see it again, and who knows? Some satellite channel might show it one fine day. I liked it anyway.
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Great Cast In A Good Premise That Unravels (WARNING:SPOILER)
Kelt Smith21 October 2000
Warning: Spoilers
SNATCHED was an ABC Tuesday Night "Movie Of The Week", and with this cast & great premise looked like a promising film. The wives of 3 well to do men go on a daytrip aboard a small boat and suddenly find themselves kidnapped, held in a lighthouse on a tiny piece of land. Once informed of the kidnapping, 1 of the husbands (HOWARD DUFF) scoffs at paying the ransom for his unfaithful wife (TISHA STERLING). Bill Sutter (LESLIE NIELSEN) is worried because diabetic wife Kim (SHEREE NORTH) doesn't have her insulin with her. Equally upset is Paul Maxvill (JOHN SAXON) who will do whatever is necessary to get back his spouse (BARBARA PARKINS). That night the gals break out and almost get away until PARKINS twists her ankle on the dock, where they are apprehended. Next PARKINS asks to speak with the head bad guy in private & orders him to ease up! She then informs him that she is one of the masterminds behind this caper. He doesn't know what to make of her, and throws her back in the holding room. NORTH'S health is failing by this point, and one of the kidnappers tells the other 2 wives that PARKINS is the one behind all this. Policeman Frank McCloy (ROBERT REED) goes along with SAXON to pay the ransom. At the appointed drop site, shots are fired,& SAXON is knocked out cold. REED takes the ransom money and starts to walk past the unconscious SAXON, only to have SAXON leap to his feet and a struggle ensue. What does SAXON know ? As it turns out REED has been having an affair with PARKINS, and the 2 decided to milk SAXON for his millions with this phony kidnapping. The movie doesn't let you figure out this or several other key points. In the end, NORTH is dead from lack of medical help, leaving husband NIELSEN grieving. STERLING realizes that her marriage to the older DUFF is over, and PARKINS is off to the pokey. The cast does what it can with this story, but it just falls apart 3 quarters of the way through. Like having a delicious dinner topped off by a stale dessert !!!
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Top TV Movie Top Cast
Trevor Douglas28 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw this film at two a.m. on a Saturday morning, I was blown away! When it was rerun years later as a midday movie, I was having lunch at work and when a certain scene in the lighthouse came on, EVERYONE in the cafeteria stopped and stared at the screen for a good ten seconds! This was in 1988 and I have never forgotten it! The cast is exceptional- three gorgeous and talented actresses - Barbara Parkins, Tisha Sterling and Sheree North all play their parts exceedingly well. Heading the male side of the cast we have my all-time favorite actor JOHN SAXON in what has to be one his most energetic performances ever! He really shines here and in my opinion, should have been up for an Emmy that year. Next we have reliable Howard Duff, taciturn Robert Reed, a dramatic Leslie Nielsen (another favorite) and the exceptionally sleazy Anthony Zerbe, giving yet another first rate performance. Could anyone ask for a better cast. The music is also perfect as is the location filming. If you get the chance, watch this now classic TV Movie from one of the best decades.
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I was only nine
dlriz3 June 2003
When I saw this movie back in 1973 on T.V. and it scared me real good. I think they should repeat it so I can see it again. I would probably understand it alot better also. As I remember the movie creeped me out, and I have always wanted to watch it again.
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