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Chomping and whistling and causing havoc...
Machete_Coletti8 March 2003
Weirdo doc likes to conduct experiments in the basement of his house at his wealthy wife's expense. She hates his guts because he allowed their son to die. This is one reason he spends most of his time drinking and popping tranqulizers. His friend warns him about side effects, including hallucinations. We assume that the skull's antics are merely in his mind. Never for a moment would we believe that the skull really is able to perform these feats...

I won't give the entire story away, but what follows involves a skull that is burned in a fireplace to the fascinating sound of wah-wah disco guitar, thrown out the front door late at night during a storm, and all the while continually reappearing and tormenting and eventually killing everyone! Chomping and whistling and causing havoc. One guy tries to reason with the skull. He dies moments afterward. The eerie harpsichord music adds to the flavor of the early-1970's made-for-TV feel of this warped wonder. What I saw was a black and white kinescope, though my guess is that this was originally aired in color?
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A Strange Era of Late Night Television!
suferia9 August 2003
Indeed it did originally air in color! I saw it way back then in 1973 when it premiered as an episode of an anthology series that ABC broadcast opposite the Tonight Show! Shot on videotape, it had the delightful crude look of a typical cheap soap opera of that period! Yes, very early 70's with the kinky music track! I'm surprised a kinetoscope was even made of this show.

Back in those carefree days, all kinds of weird stuff was cranked out on videotape. I remember another episode from this short-lived series about a criminal having himself cryogenicly frozen to escape the law, very bizarre!

The Screaming Skull episode was inspired by the B flick from 1958, though the vengeful disceased wife is really the only common thread. I liked this remake for what it was, a terrific piece of kitsch video from an uncertain time, with a long war suddenly over and the president involved in wiretapping, strange things surfaced on the tube!!

A couple years later another bizarre show premiered late at night. It was Saturday Night Live! That proved to be the experiment that ended late night experimentation!
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