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Monica Evans: Maid Marian - A Vixen



  • Robin Hood : [after just swinging her to safety, he takes her hand]  Marian, my love, will you marry me?

    Marian : Oh, darling, I thought you'd never ask me!

    [moves behind Robin Hood so he can continue to fight the Sheriff's men] 

    Marian : [giggles]  But you could have chosen a more romantic setting!

    Robin Hood : For our honeymoon: London! Normandy!

    Marian : Yes!

    Robin Hood : Sunny Spain?

    Marian : [laughs]  Why not?

  • Clucky : Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    Marian : Or forgetful.

  • Tagalong : Gee, you're beautiful.

    Sis : Are you going to marry Robin Hood?

    Tagalong : Mama says that you and Robin Hood are sweethearts.

    Marian : Well you see, that was several years ago before I left for London.

    Toby : Did he ever kiss you?

    Marian : Well no, but he carved our initials on this tree. I remember it so well.

    Skippy : Are you gonna have any kids? My mom's got a lot of kids.

    Marian : Oh, he's probably forgotten all about me.

    Skippy : Oh, not Robin Hood! I bet he'll storm the castle one day, fight the guards, rescue ya, and drag you off to Sherwood Forest!

    Clucky : Now, just a minute there, young man! You forgot all about Prince John!

    Skippy : That old Prince John don't scare me none!

    Toby : I'm scared of Prince John. He's cranky.

  • Prince John : I sentence you to sudden, instant, and even immediate death!

    Marian : Oh, no. Please. Please, sire. I beg of you to spare his life. Please have mercy.

    Prince John : My dear, emotional lady, why should I?

    Marian : Because I love him, Your Highness.

    Prince John : Love him? And does this prisoner return your love?

    Robin Hood : Marian, my darling, I love you more than life itself.

    Prince John : [Sincerely]  Young love, your pleads have not fallen upon a heart of stone.

    [Tone changes to fierce and determined] 

    Prince John : But traitors to the crown must die!

    Robin Hood : [cutting him off]  Traitor to the crown? That crown belongs to King Richard. Long live King Richard!

    Crowd : Long live King Richard!

    Prince John : [gives the crowd a dirty look] 

    [Throwing a childish tantrum] 

    Prince John : Enough! I am King! King! King! Off with his head!

  • Marian : Oh, Clucky, surely he must know how much I really love him.

    Clucky : But of course, my dear. Believe me, someday soon, your Uncle King Richard will have an outlaw for an in-law!

  • Sis : I told Skippy he was shooting it too high.

    Marian : Well, I'm sure glad he did. Now I get to meet all of you.

  • Marian : Oh, Robin, you're so brave and impetuous!

  • Robin Hood : We'll have six children!

    Marian : [charmed]  Six? Oh, a dozen at least!

    Marian : [Nutsy shoots an arrow at Robin, who dodges, and the ricochet just misses Nutsy. Marian, not content to let that go, smacks Nutsy in the face with a blackberry pie]  Take that!

    [Marian and Robin laugh] 

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