Papillon (1973) Poster


Steve McQueen: Henri 'Papillon' Charriere



  • Papillon : Hey you bastards, I'm still here.

  • [Papillon is contemplating a daring leap from a cliff to escape] 

    Dega : [the plan]  It seems so desperate. You think it will work?

    Papillon : Does it matter?

  • Judge in Dream : I accuse YOU... of a WASTED LIFE!

    Papillon : Guilty... guilty... guilty...

  • Papillon : We're something, aren't we? The only animals that shove things up their ass for survival.

  • Papillon : [to Dega]  Me they can kill... You they own!

  • Toussaint : How did you know I have dry leprosy, that it isn't contagious?

    Papillon : I didn't.

  • Doctor : [Briefly examining Dega in a prefunctory manner]  You're fine. NEXT!

    Dega : [Walking away]  Must be better than I feel.

    Doctor : [Briefly examining Papillon]  You're in wonderful shape.

    Papillon : How do you fail an examination like this?

    Doctor : NEXT!

  • Maturette : I'll do what you ask, on one condition: You keep your money and you take me with you.

    Papillon : No.

    Maturette : I'm the only one who can get you out of here.

    Papillon : You're...

    Maturette : I know. I'm a queer, a fairy, a poof, huh? But there's one thing you forgot. You may have been framed, as you say you were... but I wasn't. Between the two of us... I'm the one who's killed a man, not you.

    Papillon : Okay.

  • Toussaint : We do a lot of smuggling here. We raid the mainland. We steal boats. When an outsider comes in we generally kill him, as a security measure.

    Papillon : That makes sense.

    Toussaint : Well... a man of Christian understanding.

  • Dega : Remember what the chicken said to the weasel?

    Papillon : If he was a healthy weasel, the chicken didn't get a chance to say anything.

  • Dega : Well, it now seems quite possible that until we get to a decent jail with bribeable guards, I may stand in some need of... rather close physical protection.

    Papillon : That depends on how long you want to live.

    Dega : For a long time.

    Papillon : Then you got a problem.

    Dega : Well, I presume that you have some, uh, goals, some particular need that outrates all the others. I mean, if so... may I aslk what it is?

    Papillon : Money!

    Dega : For what?

    Papillon : Escape.

    Dega : Very good. You keep me alive until we land in Guyana, and I'll underwrite any escape you care to arrange.

    Papillon : Escape for me, not for us!

    Dega : Oh, of course. I, I, I...


    Dega : . I have no intention, uh, of even attempting to escape - ever!

    Papillon : Done!

  • Papillon : If your wife was here and you were in Paris with all of that money how much would you pay to get her back?

    Dega : Everything I have.

    Papillon : And how much would she pay to get you back?

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