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Inferior entry in Jesus Franco's Doctor Orloff saga , this time starred by William Berger replacing Howard Vernon
ma-cortes20 September 2012
A heiress named Melissa Comfort (Monserrat Prous) , who is bounded-chair , keeps suffering from a nightmare dealing with her daddy (Jesus Franco) who was formerly killed . Another daughter (Loreta Tovar) and the widow (Kali Hansa) plan to take the inheritance . There then appears Orloff (William Berger) who is attempting to help her but he has some dark secrets of his own , as he is seeking vengeance . Meanwhile , Inspector Corsby (Edmund Purdom) is investigating the deeds . Melissa is helped by a neighbor (Robert Woods) and her girlfriend (Lina Romay has been almost a constant actress in Franco's films) .

This low-budgeted film contains thrills , chills , intrigue and lots of murders . It's a below average film directed by prolific filmmaker Jess Frank and also produced by his own production company, Manacoa Films, and he uses his usual marks such as zooms , nudism , foreground on objects , filmmaking in ¨do-it-yourself effort¨ style or DIY and managing to work extraordinarily quickly. Mediocre cinematography filmed on location in Barcelona and Islas Canarias . Atmospheric musical score composed by means of synthesizer by David Kunne , who is actually Jesus Franco under pseudonym , among the aliases he used, apart from the names Jess Franco or Franco Manera, were Jess Frank, Robert Zimmerman, Frank Hollman, Clifford Brown, David Khune , Toni Falt, James P. Johnson, Charlie Christian, David Tough , among others. The motion picture was lousily directed by Jesus Franco. In many of the more than 180 films he's directed he has also worked as composer, writer, cinematographer and editor. Jesús's influence has been notable all over Europe . From his huge body of work we can deduce that Jesús Franco is one of the most restless directors of Spanish cinema and often releasing several titles at the same time. Many of his films have had problems in getting released, and others have been made directly for video. More than once his staunchest supporters have found his "new" films to contain much footage from one or more of his older films.Jesús Franco is a survivor in a time when most of his colleagues tried to please the government administration. He broke up with all that and got the independence he was seeking. He always went upstream in an ephemeral industry that fed opportunists and curbed the activity of many professionals. But time doesn't pass in vain, and Jesus' production has diminished since the 90s .

The Orloff character starred a saga , using the same shots in more than one film ; some of his actors relate how they they were hired for one film and later saw their name in two or more different one . Orloff was habitually played by Howard Vernon who initiated in ¨Gritos en la Noche (1962) , the best of all them , also titled "The Awful Dr. Orlof" . It's followed by El Secreto del Dr. Orloff (1964) aka "The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll" - USA . It's gone on by " Orloff y el hombre invisible (1970) aka "Dr. Orloff's Invisible Monster" . Furthermore , El enigma Del Ataúd (1969) aka "Only a Coffin" and El Siniestro doctor Orloff (1984) aka "The Sinister Dr. Orloff . Finally in ¨Faceless¨ or Depredadores de Noche¨(1987) Orloff appears as a secondary role also performed by Howard Vernon , as usual .
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Another Orloff From Franco
Michael_Elliott30 September 2011
Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff, The (1973)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Going by his filmmography, lesbians would be the most recurring thing in Jess Franco's career but the second thing would be the Dr. Orlof character. Franco first hit with THE AWFUL DR. ORLOFF, which was quickly followed by DR. ORLOFF'S MONSTER and he has returned to the character throughout the rest of his career. In this film, Dr. Orloff (William Berger) is working with a family and trying to make a heir (Mona Proust) believe that she is crazy. The woman, who is a cripple, keeps suffering from a nightmare dealing with her father and she believes that Orloff is trying to help her but he has some dark secrets of his own. THE SINISTER EYES OF DR. ORLOFF isn't as glossy as the earlier films dealing with the character and it's also a lot more tame than those as well as most that would follow. Those expecting sex and gore are going to be disappointed because most of the violence takes place off screen and what little nudity there is doesn't appear until nearly an hour into the movie. The story itself is basically just your normal revenge plot but Franco does manage to build up some atmosphere. Of course, one wishes that the production values had been a tad bit higher because the film is hampered by its low-budget and of course we get countless zoom shots, which were a favorite money-saving ploy by the director. Berger, filling in for Howard Vernon, isn't nearly as effective but he's not too bad. Proust does what she can with her role but that's not too much. Franco appears briefly as the father and you can get a quick look at Lina Romay in an early role. I think most people are going to find this film a chore to sit through even with its short running time. If you're a die-hard fan of Franco then you might want to check this out but others should probably start with a different film.
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"Open your eyes again"; sung in Helium C minor
Coventry28 March 2016
The notorious Spanish writer/director Jess Franco made an incredibly large amount of movies in his career, more than two-hundred, but the vast majority of them aren't very good and many titles actually vanished into total obscurity by now. One of the very first films Jess Franco made, "The Awful Dr. Orloff" in 1962, always remained his best and most successful piece of work, so it's only logical that he never stopped exploiting the name of the main character. This is supposedly already the sixth entry in the Orloff series, but the story has nothing in common with the original plot, the titular doctor turned from a surgeon into a psychiatrist and he's not even depicted by the same actor anymore. The story of "The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff" definitely has potential and could easily have worked as a stand- alone thriller/horror film in its own right, but Franco nevertheless opted to link it to his best-selling franchise. The film tells the story of the young and beautiful but introvert and mentally traumatized Melissa Comfort, who's bound to a wheelchair since the age of ten and living with her uncle, his unfaithful wife and lurid daughter Martha. Melissa is plagued by nightmares in which she vaguely witnesses the death of her own father, which is why her family enlists the acclaimed psychiatrist Dr. Orloff to help her. However, Dr. Orloff seems to know the girl very well and has different plan with her. Soon, poor Melissa's nightmares handle about her committing gruesome murders with a piano cord and – surprise, surprise – the victims turn out missing for real when she wakes up the next day. Franco really did his best to deliver an intriguing mystery thriller, but the screenplay is unnecessarily complex, overly talkative and features far too many supportive characters. The members of the Comfort family have interesting but irrelevant backgrounds, while Dr. Orloff himself remains too much of a closed book. Too many of the supportive characters are too in- depth and receive more screen time than necessary, like the creepy romanticist butler Matthews, police inspector Crosby and the hippie neighbor musician Sweet Davey. The latter's full name is actually Davey Procop Robert Eugene Hutchinson and he also provides the film with a few repetitive and monotonous musical interludes. I watched the film in Spanish, and the only English words are the lyrics of Davey's song "Open your eyes again" which appears to be sung in a voice that is altered by helium. For a Franco movie, this one contains astonishingly little sleaze and perversion. I mean, this was directed by the same man who made dozens of obscene "women-in- prison" and deranged "nunsploitation" movies, but even the slutty aunt and daughter remain fully clothed the entire time! In spite of many positive vibes, "The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff" is difficult to sit through because it's so dull and talkative. If you blink at the wrong moments, you'll miss all the action.
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