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Alternate Versions

Harry Callahan's character name becomes Harry ''Callaghan'' in the Italian version and titles because the local distributor thought it sounded better.
Swedish theatrical version was even further cut:
  • At the Ricca killing, both shots of the unknown motorcycle cop shooting the driver and the bodyguard in the head were cut
  • The topless girl in the pool were not seen being shot
  • Only one shot fired at the pimp
  • The naked woman at the Guzman killing is never seen being shot, she's just seen falling from the balcony.
  • Harry beating Astrachan to death were also shortened
The UK cinema version was cut by the BBFC with edits made to throat punches and shots of the twitching bodies of Ricca and the pimp, and the killing of the prostitute in the taxi was also heavily shortened. The cuts were fully waived in 1986.
The new 5.1 surround sound has new sounds, such as the taxi where the prostitute is murdered, when the pimp gets in the car and shoves her over, in the original mono soundtrack, she screams when she's been pushed into the left back seat. In the 5.1 surround sound, she doesn't scream at all. Also when the taxi driver screeches the car to a halt, the original soundtrack has a different sound of screeching tires. In the new sound, it sounds very different. Also Harry's 44 Magnum's legendary firing sound changes a few times through the film. The opening credits where he aims the gun at the screen, it's a different sounding gun.
The Swedish rental VHS has some cuts for violent content. Most notably the killing of the pimp; only two shots are fired instead of six.
The original closing credits were altered by way of chyron on VHS prints issued since 1992 to change the Warner Bros. in-credit logo w/Warner Communications byline at the time to the Warner Bros. shield logo w/Time Warner Entertainment byline. The original closing credits are left intact on the DVD print.

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