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Doctor Who companions: The Ultimate Tournament

During Doctor Who's 47 years, companions have come and gone and have stuck by the good Doctor through thick and thin. We've had all sorts of companions, from plucky journalists through to shifty non-public school boys; leggy swinging 60s dolls through to haughty Time Lady ice-maidens and trusty schoolteachers through to – erm, Adric.

For completism's sake, I'm including all the companions of The Doctor, so that means one-offs too, like Adelaide and Christina – they were described in the BBC press releases as companions, so they're fair game. There'll be the equivalents of bronze, silver and gold for each category, so let the tournament commence!

Best Journey

3. Zoe Heriot (Wendy Padbury)

But after she's stowed away in the Tardis, Zoe goes from being Spock poster-girl through to a much more warm-hearted and caring companion. She still uses her total recall and whizzkid brain for defeating Cybermen fleets and finding her way through claustrophobic tunnels,
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