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MPAA Rated R for strong language and disturbing images

Sex & Nudity

  • A statue is uncovered; its erect penis is shown.
  • A young girl stabs herself with a cross in her lower region. This is shown briefly with the cross striking her pubic area twice. The torn nightgown and vast amount of blood in that area obscures it and there is no nudity.
  • Some sexual related insults are said by a little girl while she is possessed by the devil
  • Not much sexual content, but the crucifix scene and insults can be a bit disturbing.
  • No nudity is in the film.
  • A girl pees in front of some people.
  • A nude statue is shown in the church
  • A man is grabbed by the crotch and thrown to the ground.

Violence & Gore

  • A police officer tells a priest about a murder, in graphic detail.
  • A young girl slaps her mother, sending her across the bedroom. Her mother lands on her back and cries out in pain.
  • A man tumbles down a staircase (he dies).
  • A young girl crawls down a staircase upside down and spits out blood while making an inhuman noise. This scene only appears in the film's Extended Edition.
  • A young girl vomits (her vomit is green) onto a priest.
  • A man beats up a young girl. He throws her on the ground, mounts her, and delivers blows to her face.
  • A young girl is poked with a needle (blood is shown).
  • A possessed girl is shown violently thrusting a crucifix into her vaginal area, blood shown all over the bottom part of her gown
  • This movie is hardly violent or gory, just extremely terrifying.
  • A young girl has graphic cuts on her face.
  • A man is grabbed by the crotch and thrown to the ground.


  • No more than 13 uses of "fuck", 1 use of "faggot" and 2 uses of "cunt" neither used in a sexual manner. There are also some uses of "shit", "bastard", "ass", and "hell".
  • In one scene, Regan (while she is possessed) says to the priest "Your mother sucks cocks in hell!".
  • In another scene Regan says "Stick your cock up her ass, you motherfucking worthless COCKSUCKER!!"
  • Most of the language comes from Regan while she's possessed.
  • While there isn't a lot of swearing, profanity is used EXTREMELY strongly and may offend some.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People are seen drinking.
  • People are seen smoking cigarettes.
  • A young girl is injected with a sedative.
  • A verbal reference is made to marijuana.
  • The drugs Ritalin and Thorazine are referenced.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The demon may be frightening to some viewers.
  • A young girl goes through various distressing medical procedures. These are depicted in cold detail, and could be frightening for some viewers.
  • After a demon possesses the young girl, her face becomes cracked. This may frighten some viewers.
  • In one scene, Regan's head spins around 360 degrees.
  • This film is often considered to be one of the scariest films ever made.
  • Many consider it to be the scariest film of all time
  • Even if there was nothing else inappropriate in it, it would still be rated R because of how straight-up terrifying it is.
  • While some may find the head spin freaky it is quite unrealistic and not graphic.
  • Even though it was nade in 1973 the effects still hold up really well and can easily scare audiences. It may not as shocking as it was when it was first released but still very terrifying.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • It is worth noting that although the film is not graphic in the traditional sense, what it depicts is frequently very intense and disturbing both viscerally and morally, especially as the girl being subjected to them is so young. That said the film ends on a reassuring and redemptive note.
  • The 12 year old possessed girl violently thrusts a crucifix into her vaginal area to the point of heavy bleeding while screaming expletives before grabbing her mother's head and forcing it down between her legs while demanding she "lick it." The mother pulls away in horror with blood on her face.

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